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Chemistry is typically required as one of the foundational courses within most professional engineering programs to include civil engineering.

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Q: Can you do degree course in civil engineering without chemistry?
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What does it take to get and Engineering degree if you already have a 4 year chemistry degree?

The exact answer depends on the program and the school, but if you already have a BS degree then you usually need to complete those courses in the engineering degree that you don't have from the chemistry degree. Since the degree means you have completed your 'general education' requirements, the classes you would take would be the ones specifically for the engineering degree (i.e. in engineering). The other course work would have already been counted.

Is Chemistry a crucial subject to study electrical engineering?

Not much, you probably will need general chemistry and another chem related course, and that's about it. Math, physics are the 2 main subjects that you have to be good at in order to earn a degree in electrical engineering.

What is the eligibility for chemistry lecturer in any engineering college?

M.Sc degree in chemistry with first class

What course can you do after diploma in computer engineering other than degree?

what course can i do other than degree after completing diploma in computer engineering

Is automobile degree coures is provided by ime?

Yes.IME Provided Degree Engineering course in Automobile engineering

What kind of degree do you have to get to go into chemical engineering?

B.E Chemical Engineering is a UG program in Engineering. B.E Chemical Engineering is a four-year course. Chemical engineering is the study of chemistry, physics, and mathematics along with economics to the processes carried out to efficiently produce, transform chemicals, materials, and energy. Chemical engineering has a good scope in career. Eligibility criteria for chemical engineering course given below: 1.12th pass with chemistry, physics, and mathematics or biology 2.Some colleges have an entrance exam. If you are looking for admissions to the best college then Campushunt will help you to get the best college for your higher studies. Campushunt provides a quick admission for students and they bring students to visit colleges before getting admission. In my opinion, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology is one of the best engineering colleges in India. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology provides a good placement for students while they are in the last year itself.

What degree course will enable you to design new machines and automate them?


What classes do you take to get your Associates of science?

An associate of science degree is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study fall. For example an associate of science in, engineering, nursing, biology, chemistry, etc. Each will have course requirements particular to itself.

Which college major is the hardest?

Chemical Engineering. It encompasses all the requirements of a Chemistry degree (Second hardest) and an Engineering degree. Be prepared to sit next to pre-medical students learning about chemistry. Be prepared to take the same courses as a Physics Major, same courses as a Math Major, and learn about thermodynamics that an Engineering Major will take.

How can join marine engineering after mechanical engineering?

For joining Marine Engineering you need a degree in Marine Engineering also a specialization course after your Mechanical Engineering degree will be fine. You can also check for any kind of opening offered for mechanical engineers in Marine Engineering Services companies.

Can you complete PhD in aerospace engineering at MIT without a master's degree?


Where can someone get a computer engineering degree?

Someone can get a computer engineering degree by going to school and getting a bachelors degree in computer engineering. An electrical engineering degree is similar to a computer engineering degree.

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