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Q: Can you donate blood if on Hydrochlorothiazide?
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Does Hydrochlorothiazide thin the blood?

Yes, it can be along with other medicines or by itself

Can you donate blood while taking meloxicam?

Yes, you can donate blood while taking meloxicam. You cannot donate blood if you are taking antibiotics.

How long does it take to donate blood at csl plasma?

can a diabetic donate blood

Can childrens also donate their blood?

Yes, they also have the right to donate their blood.

What blood type can donate to everyone else?

Blood type AB can only donate to another AB type. Blood type O+ can be given to anyone, but a blood type like A or B or AB can only be donated to a person who has the same exact blood type as the person who is donating their blood.

How many quarts of blood do you give when you donate blood?

You donate roughly 1 quart when you donate blood.Edit 3/18/2013 20:19: The answer above is false. You donate a pint of blood (0.5 quarts).

What kind of blood can you not donate?

You can't donate blood if you have HIV, or are taking medication or doing drugs.

Where do you donate blood?

In blood banks. Just make sure you make reservations before you donate.

What blood type should each kind should donate to and receive from?

Blood group A can donate and receive blood from blood group A. Blood group B can donate and receive blood from blood group B. Blood group AB can donate only to blood group AB and receive from any other blood group (they are universal recipent) Blood group O can donate to any other blood group ( they are universal donor) and can receive from only blood group O.

Why a diabetic cannot donate blood?

Because of the high suger in the blood of diabetic paisent & has a thick blood so they can't donate blood.

Can people with supra ventricular tachycardia SVT donate blood? should not donate blood if you are tachycardic. Most blood banks will not allow you to donate blood if you heart rate is over 100. Some people with SVT can have a seizure if they donate blood. This is a question you need to have answered by your cardiologist.

Can you be too old to donate blood?

The maximum age to donate blood is seventy five years old.