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Can I still donate eggs if I have had a hysterectomy

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Q: Can you donate your eggs if you have had a hysterectomy?
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If you had a hysterectomy can you donate eggs and sperm to become pregnant?

No. If you had a complete hysterectomy your ovaries are gone so you have no eggs. A hysterectomy also removes the uterus so you wouldn't be able to carry a baby in pregnancy.

Can you still donate your eggs with a partial hysterectomy and one ovary?

If you have no history of birth defects in your family, such as Down Syndrome, and your eggs are free of inflictions, then yes, most likely.

If you had a hysterectomy can you donate eggs?

if you had a hysterectomy and you can donate sperm, I think there are some people that would like to talk to you..... ---- Yes, so long as you have your ovaries and an intact pituitary gland and hypothalamus, you still have functioning ova, so you theoretically could use those for in vitro fertilization for a surrogate mother, if that was your choice.I'm assuming you mean a male partner will donate the semen.

Part 1 Can you still produce eggs after a hysterectomy if you still have your ovaries. Can you then use those eggs for invitro How long after your hysterectomy are your ovaries still producing eggs.?

You will still produce eggs after a hysterectomy until your body goes through menopause. The eggs are still viable the regardless of the hysterectomy.

Where do eggs go after partial hysterectomy?

After a partial hysterectomy the eggs released from the ovaries are absorbed into the blood stream.

If you had a partial hysterectomy how do i freeze my eggs?

how do i freeze my eggs

Can you find out if your eggs are still fertile after a eleven year hysterectomy?

If it was a full hysterectomy you havent got any eggs. YOu have no ovaries & no eggs either.

Can your eggs be removed after a partial hysterectomy?

If a female still has an ovary after a partial hysterectomy , then it should be possible to harvest eggs

Are there any physicians who have had patients that have had a partial hysterectomy done and would like to produce more children by donating her own eggs to a surrogate mother and use husbands sperm?

You can donate your eggs to almost any hospital. Want more info just ask me....

Can women get all of their eggs removed?

Yes by having a hysterectomy

Can a woman retreive her own eggs for insemination if her tubes are tide?

yes if she has eggs taken out before she has a hysterectomy

Do you still have eggs if you have had a partial hysterectomy?

Yes unless you have had ovaries removed

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