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Yes, you can.

I have both the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.

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βˆ™ 2010-04-05 04:02:22
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Q: Can you download Windows Movie Maker when you have already got Windows Live Movie Maker?
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Can you download windows movie maker when you have already got windows movie maker?

Yes, you can.I have both the 2.6 version of Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker.

How do you get on to the windows movie maker?

If you have a computer with Windows Me, XP, or Vista, then Windows Movie Maker will already come installed on it by default. Windows 7 does not have it; however, you can manually download and install Windows Movie Maker onto a Windows 7 computer.

How do you get Windows Movie Maker?

If you are running XP or Vista, you already have Windows Movie Maker on your computer. Check out the Programs menu.If you do not have Windows Movie Maker and want to download it, click on the direct download links posted in the Related links section below.

How do you make a movie on the PC?

You can make a movie on your PC using the Windows Movie Maker program which is already installed on your system.(If you have Windows 7 operating system, you can download Windows Live Movie Maker)

Is it free to download windows movie maker?

Yes. It is free to download Windows Movie Maker. But, if you have a Windows based computer, you already have the program. If you need a new download of the program, click on your operating system link in the Related Links section below.

Is it possible to install Windows Movie Maker not windows live movie maker in a Windows 7?

Yes it is. You can download Windows Movie Maker from microsoft's website.

Where can you get windows movie maker 2.6 for xp?

Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is a Vista ONLY download. Unfortunately, Xp users can only download the 2.1 version of Windows Movie Maker.

Where can you download windows movie maker for xp?

You can download Windows Movie Maker v2.1 for Windows XP from this URL:

How do you download effects onto windows movie maker?

Visit the link below for download instructions for effects in Windows Movie Maker.

Is windows live movie maker free?

Yes. Windows Live Movie Maker is a free download.

Where can you get the old windows movie maker 1.0?

The earliest download of Windows Movie Maker available is v2.1.

Where could one have a free download of Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker can be downloaded for free directly from Microsoft's website. It can also be downloaded for free from CNET, Download, and Windows Movie Maker's website.

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