Can you download a kindle book from an iPad to an iMac?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can you download a kindle book from an iPad to an iMac?
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How do you transfer a book from kindle on iPad to a kindle?

If you have purchased the book on the Kindle app On the iPad, you can register your new device, open the Kindle store, go to Archived Items, and download them to the Kindle.

Can an iPad be a book?

The iPad itself cannot be a book, but you can go to the App Store and download Kindle for the iPad free. Then you can purchase or choose free books for the Kindle app.

Can you read Kindle books on a Kindle and a iPad?

yes you can if you download the kindle app onto your ipad

How do you work a love percentage?

download the love scan app. in your iPad or iPod or iPhone or iMac or mac book pro

Can you download amazon e-books to an iPad?

Amazon's own eReader is the Kindle. There is a free Kindle app for the iPad from the App Store.

Can you watch videos on let me watch this on an iPad iPhone iMac or a Mac book?

Yes, you can watch videos on LetMeWatchThis on an iPad, iMac, or Mac book. The service is not available for the iPhone.

Can you download books to the iPad Mini?

Use the kindle app.

How do you get a Kindle app on your iPad?

The Kindle app is available as a free download within the Apple App Store.

Where can I download Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

A Kindle, a Nook, and an iPad bookshelf.

How do you download Kindle books on to an iPad?

There is a free Kindle App in the Apple App Store. Once you download that, you can download your past purchases. You cannot purchase new eBooks directly through the app, but any purchases that you make from the Amazon site or an actual Kindle device will appear in the iPad app for download.

How can you get Pride and Prejudice by helen jerome for your ipad?

Download the app iBooks or Kindle, each one of those apps have extensive book stores that you can buy the book off of.

How do you download hotspot shield iPad account to my kindle fie?

You don't. The account unt is only for use with your iPad.