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can you get all the pokemon in sapphire version download from pc to gameboy advance?

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What is the best Pokemon game for Gameboy advance?

Pokemon Emerald because you can catch all the Pokemon in sapphire version and ruby version combined.

How do you play Pokemon LeafGreen on your computer?

First download Visualboy Advance Emulator, then download Pokemon Leafgreen version ROM and load it with Visualboy Advance.

What you have to do to play Pokemon ruby or sapphire version?

Buy them... Then put them into a gameboy advance or DS.

What is Pokemon Sapphire ROM?

A ROM is a version of a game that is able to be played on a computer. Say a person wants to play Pokemon Sapphire on their computer. They first download a gameboy advance emulator. This is basically a program that allows you to play games written for a GBA on a PC (it "emulates" the original platform). They then download the Pokemon Sapphire ROM, which can then be played through the emulator.

How do you get Pokemon FireRed Pokemon version on the computer?

u can download fire from CROM website u should download it with visual boy advance

Where can you get the Pokemon Sapphire for Game Boy color?

You can't. Pokemon Sapphire version and Pokemon Ruby version where released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance , there not able to be played on the Game Boy Color, you could sell you're Game Boy Color and get a Game Boy Advance sense Game Boy Color games can as well be played on the Game boy Advance.

What sinnoh Pokemon can you get from Pokemon sapphire?

sinnoh Pokemon won't appear in Sapphire version!

How do you catch Charizard on sapphire?

It is impossible to catch Charizard in Pokemon Sapphire Version. You have to trade it from either Pokemon Fire Red Version or Pokemon Leaf Green Version.

Can diamond version and sapphire version trade Pokemon?

i don't think so since sapphire is a game-boy version and diamond is nintedo ds version but since sapphire is a game-boy version you can migrate Pokemon from there.

How do you connect Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon sapphire?

you need to have the sapphire version in the gameboy slot and the diamond version in the other slot

How do you get spiritomp on sapphire?

Spiritomb is not available on Pokemon Sapphire Version.

Why isn't my gameshark working with Pokemon sapphire visaul boy advance?

It's the same with mine! None of the gameshark codes I've found work on my visualboy sapphire version.

How old is Pokemon Sapphire?

Pocket Monsters Sapphire Version [Japanese Version of the game] was released on November 21st, 2002. Pokemon Sapphire Version [American Version Release]: March 17th, 2003 Pokemon Sapphire Version [Australia]: April 3rd, 2003 Pokemon Sapphire Version [Europe]: July 25th, 2003 So currently, it is about 8 [9 in November] years old in Japan [2011] and 8 years old in America, etc. ~Pokemon fan

Where is the sapphire in Pokemon?

there is no sapphire in Pokemon sapphire. They just named that version sapphire because it was the version that has Kyogre (legendary Pokemon of the ocean) as well as being against team aqua. considering a sapphire is a blue gem, it has to do with the team aqua (aqua means water), and kyogre the water Pokemon. There is no sapphire to be found is what I'm saying... its true

Can you trade gold to sapphire?

No you can't because gold version is for gameboy color and sapphire is for game boy advance or game boy advance SP. But you can catch some Johto Pokemon at the safari zone in emerald after you beat the Pokemon league. you can get the Johto starters if you complete the Hoenn pokedex. Hope I helped.

How do you beat Pokemon sapphire version for Game Boy Advance?

you get all the gym badges and battle the elite four on an island you get to after you get the fourth gym badge

How do you get the TM avalanche in Pokemon sapphire?

how do we get the TM avallanche in pokeemon sapphire version

Where is the dusk stone in Pokemon Sapphire?

apparently there was none when in sapphire version when it was created

Can you trade Pokemon with emerald and sapphire?

only when you get the national dex on Sapphire version

Does the Pokemon Sapphire have a battle frontier?

No, Pokemon Sapphire Version does not have a Battle Frontier. However, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Platinum do have the Battle Frontier.

How do you duplicate Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire version for the Game Boy advance?

=To duplicate first you must put the Pokemon you wish to copy in a box all a lone then save and turn of the game for a whole day=

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