Can you download imvu on Wii U?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Can you download imvu on Wii U?
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Can you download imvu on the wii?


Is it possible to download FF7 on a Wii U?

You cannot download Final Fantasy 7 onto the Wii U

Can you download cheats from your Wii?

no but in Argos u can get AR for wii

Similar games to Habbo and egocity?

IMVU but u have to download somesoftwear

How do you download ooVoo on the wii-u?

you cant!

Can you download games from the GameCube onto your Wii U?

No, as of January 2015, the Nintendo Wii U cannot play or download Nintendo GameCube games.

What chat program should you use?

definently IMVU but u have to download so if u dont want to download us meez

How do you get all the chicken in fossil fighters?

U have to download it from the wii download service

On imvu how do you download it without it failing?

How do we download imvu without failing?

How do you go somewhere on imvu?

To go somewhere on imvu u must be on a computer. You have to download it and then click on the download. Once you have there will be options I garentee you will be able to do this then. I hope that this was helpfull oh yah I know this because I searched it

Can you download games on Wii U?

no, but you can download some from the wii shop channel.

How do you get G1 Jockey Wii to play on the Wii you bought in the US do I use a Wii free loader or is there some way to hack it?

Download homebrew cannel on the wii next u want to go to http/ put in your wii MAC address an copy it to as card an than u want to download gecko region free once u download that u want to copy it an paste on ur ad card next u want to download start patch once u download copy an paste on ad card an than ur us wii will be region free just make sure not to remove ad card from the wii than go to wii messages an there will be a red thing push an it will ask u do want to install home brew channel