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Yes. Your sound card must have the proper inputs for this. Talk to the folks at the computer stores. Talking is still free !....BB You need a video capture card to convert the analog signal from your VCR to digital. These capture cards range quite a bit in quality but are readily available online and in computer electronics stores. However, if you are transferring home movies I recommend using a video transfer service so that you get the best quality. StashSpace.Com does a good job, lets you edit online before burning DVDs and is only $6.95 a tape.

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How can you transfer digital 8 tapes to computer?

Digital 8 tapes are transferred to a computer using an USB capture card. A tape player is used to output the video to the capture card which then allows the computer to transfer the video.

How do you download cassette tapes?

How do I download cassette tapes to ipod

Can I use vhs converters to transfer movies from my old vhs tapes to my computer?

You can use VHS converters to transfer movies from your old VHS tapes to your home PC. This makes you able to get rid of your stack of VHS tapes and backup everything digitally.

How does one transfer VHS tapes to a computer?

To transfer a VHS tape to a computer you need to have a VCR and an A/V input from the VCR to the computer.Also needed is a conversion software program. Once the VCR and computer are connected, the conversion software is used to manage the transfer.

Can you use maxell cassette adapter VHS c to convert video 8 P6-120MP tapes to VHS or DVD?

NO you cannot. AS video8 is digital and VHS is analog so they dont work together. The adaptor will only work with VHS-C tapes. What I would recommend is using a video transfer service to convert your video 8 tapes into a digital format. Watch and edit the digital files on your computer or get the tapes transferred to DVDs. StashSpace.Com does a good job at this, costs $7 for the transfer to digital and $10-15 for DVDs.

Do you have any DVD recorders in the modern time out in the stores that you can use to download any of your old VCR tapes besides recording tapes on DVD disc?

VHA tapes are linear, analog recording systems. There is no way to download anything from VHS tapes other than by playing the tape and capturing the content using another recorder such as a DVD recorder. The quality of the recording will remain a typical VHS quality but once the content is captured in a digital format, it can be loaded on to a computer and possibly enhanced to eliminate some of the usual problems of VHS quality.

Can you transfer a video from a video tape on a TV to a computer with Windows Movie Maker?

Probably not. WMM is made to import footage using conventional "digital video cameras" but not analog tapes that are hooked up to VCRs. My family uses something called Dazzle to convert our old tapes, however, so that's something you could look into. Always Google in life!

How can you transfer a video camera recoreder tape to a PC?

You are reffering to VHS tapes which play in a VCR. They are analog so you need a special device to convert the tapes to digital. They sell video capture cards so you can do this yourself at home but I suggest using a video transfer service for the best quality and least amount of hassle. StashSpace.Com is a good one. Costs $6.95 per tape for the transfer. Check them out online or give them a call.

How do you copy your VHS tapes to DVD?

The easiest way to copy VHS tapes to DVD is to purchase a VHS/DVD combo. It will allow you to pop in a tape and burn it to DVD without having to download software or hook up to computer.

Can you access hard drive on dvr from computer to transfer recorded movies to computer hard drive?

I have a Handycam video Hi8, I would like to make home movies on my computer using my camcorder video tapes. Can I do so with this camcorder?

Should I transfer my prerecorded VHS tapes to DVD or hard drive or just replace them?

Transfering your VHS tapes to DVD is a great idea.

How do analog multimedia systems operate?

Analog multimedia systems use books, documents, films, photographs, records, tapes, videotapes, and many other forms of media to store text, sounds, and pictures

Where Can I Download All Lil' Wayne Mixtapes?

There's a site called it has albums and mix tapes that you can download and is updated everyday. It has lots of songs by Lil' Wayne and some albums and mix tapes.

Where can you download free hypnosis tapes?

You can find many hypnosis sites on line.

What software do I need to record a cassette to a CD?

You can use Audacity to record a cassette to a CD. This is a free download. You can use a computer and a dvd to to cd converter which includes converting cassette tapes too.

Can early analog computer save data?

Mechanical and many electronic analog computers saved their output data as pen plots on paper. Some high speed electronic analog computers could read/write data as waveforms on multichannel wide magnetic tape (similar to the master recording tapes used in music studios). Such analog computers were sometimes used as controllers and data collection devices on wind tunnels or in industrial process control before digital computers became affordable and reliable enough. These special tapes could be played back later off line at slow speed if pen plots on paper were desired. Other high speed electronic analog computers drew their output on CRTs which were then photographed to save it. There are other ways too.

Can you transfer VCR to DVD and how much does it cost ?

There are many businesses that transfer VHS tapes to DVD's, which is great for storage and longevity. If you have the time, however, a great option is to purchase a converter (available online for $100 or less) that will allow you to do any VHS tapes you have on your own.

How do you transfer reel to reel tapes to computer?

Google tells us there are a few online places and some B&M places too. DVD Your Memories was the top spot in google for reel to reel to digital

What is the function of tape drives?

Allow a computer to read and write magnetic tapes.

How do you watch Hi-8 videos when camera is broken?

There is no such thing as a Hi8 adaptor for playback with anything but a Hi8 player/comcorder. I recommend converting your Hi8 tapes to digital and getting DVDs. StashSpace.Com can transfer Hi8 tapes to digital for $6.95/tape. You can get DVDs right away of your Hi8 tapes or you can go online to watch your Hi8 tapes and create customized DVDs. To learn more go to:

What instruments did the ecologist use to discover major ecosystems?

they used computer recording tapes

What is the difference between CDs and VHS?

CD is a red-book digital audio storage standard and VHS is an analog video storage standard. CDs record data digitaly on a disk read with a lazer, whereas VHS tapes are analog and are read with an electromagnetic pickup.

How are vhs formated tapes played on apple computers?

To use VHS tapes on an Apple computer you will need some means of getting the video signal into the computer. A product like Elgato's EyeTV 250 (See links below) enables the user to capture the video and convert it into a computer friendly format.

When was Tapes 'n Tapes created?

Tapes 'n Tapes was created in 2003.

How do you convert 8mm tapes to your computer hardrive?

by scanning of recording the film on a camcorder and digitalizing the tape