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Q: Can you draw with sharpie over crayons?
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What is the sharpie game?

You get a Sharpie and draw a line on your hand and go over it twice. Then you scratch off the Sharpie with ur nail till its completely gone. The eraser game is funner

What should you draw out of sharpie markers?

You could draw a car

What do kids do with crayons?

They colour and draw!

Will a sharpie marker hold well on an epoxy surfboard?

The Sharpie will eventually wash off the epoxy. The only way to keep any drawn image on it is to sand it down and do it or possibly draw with your Sharpie and apply a couple coats of epoxy clear coat over it.

Is it safe to use sharpie to draw your eyebrows?


What instruments are used in draw your swords?

Pencils or crayons.

Why do orange crayons taste better than purple crayons?

You're not supposed to eat them, you're supposed to draw with them.Besides, Purple crayons taste much better than orange crayons.

What are the disadvantages of fabric crayons?

Crayons need much pressure when applying it to a surface Crayons can't be applied alone it needs other materials

Can you draw on Mexican jumping beans with sharpie?

Yes you can, since it is a permanent marker.

What are fabric crayons made from?

You can use crayons on just about any kind of fabric. For some of the synthetics, you would find it easier to use a frame, or hoop to hold it tight. The best fabric is heavier cotton, denim, or canvas. If you are working with a special project, you should purchase the Fabric Crayons, which are specially formulated to write on fabric.

How can you get sharpie off a whiteboard?

You can remove Sharpie marks from a whiteboard by coloring over the marks with a dry-erase marker, then wiping it off with a whiteboard eraser or a clean, dry cloth. Another method is to spray a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the stains and wipe them away with a cloth.

How do you make a fake tattoo with a sharpie pen?

First you need paper and cardboard. Place the paper on the cardboard so the sharpie won't bleed through and get on your drawing surface. Draw whatever you want to draw with a pencil, but draw it lightly. When you think your pencil sketch is finished start tracing it with the sharpie. Don't press the sharpie so hard. You can use any color sharpie.