Can you drink alcohol after getting your tongue pierced?

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Wait a few days... The last thing you want to do is irritate an open wound in the first hours of it healing. But avoid drinking beer for the duration of the healing period. Consuming beer with an open tongue wound could lead to a oral yeast infection known as Thrush.
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Can you drink alcohol with a tongue piercing?

it's really not advised before your piercing has had a chance to heal properly..same goes for mouthwash, if it has an alcohol content. if you do drink alcohol BEFORE it's heal

How long after a tongue piercing can you drink alcohol?

I have had clients who have gone out that night and done a little drinking. It comes down to common sense, you don't want to be over doing it. Alcohol dehydrates the body and

Can you drink alcohol the day after getting your tongue pierced?

No, it's strongly recommended not to smoke or drink alcohol for at least two weeks after getting it pierced. The body will work harder to protect itself from the alcohol and c

Can you drink alcohol after getting your lip pierced?

Right after the piercing do not drink any beer for at least 2 days because the yeast can cause a horrible infection, although I would personally recommend 10 to be safe. Howev

Can you drink tea after getting tongue pierced?

Yes Chamomile tea is a natural anti inflammatory and will help take the swelling down, however I suggest you drink it in Ice Tea format so it can help cool the piercing as wel
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Can you drink Smirnoff after getting your tongue pierced?

You can drink anything as long as it doesn't have yeast in it like beers and dark alcohols. If you do you can get a yeast infection in your mouth. I just got mine done and I'm