Can you drink alcohol after getting your tongue pierced?

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Wait a few days... The last thing you want to do is irritate an open wound in the first hours of it healing. But avoid drinking beer for the duration of the healing period. Consuming beer with an open tongue wound could lead to a oral yeast infection known as Thrush.
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What can you not do after getting your tongue pierced?

What Not to Do After a Tongue Piercing . That limitation depends on mainly you. Now if your talking sex, that then would depend on your partner, some people dig it some people dont. Anyway, its strictly a personal choice that you have to live with after its done and your friends and family should ( Full Answer )

Is it normal for a tongue piercing to hurt so bad that it is very difficult for you to chew drink and talk a few days after getting it pierced?

i have had my tongue peirced twice yes it is normal the swelling and the pain usually lasts for up to five days after it is peirced...just follow the irections and use plent of mouthwash half water half mouth wash and eat ice like will help want to keep using the mouth wash cau ( Full Answer )

What can you eat after getting your tongue pierced?

you should eat and drink alot of cold stuff, like ice cream, ice, ice cold water and so on.. you shouldn't eat or drink hot stuff like soup, hot sauce, hot tea, and so on............... DON"T EAT ANYTHING WITH MILK IN IT!!!! can lead to a yeast infection in your mouth. this includes ice cream, che ( Full Answer )

What is the age of getting your tongue pierced in mass?

Throughout the United States, the legal age for getting a piercingis 18. People between the ages of 13 and 18 can sometimes get abody piercing with parental consent, depending on local regulationsand the piercing professionals' policy.

Can you talk after getting you tongue pierced?

Of course! You have to, if you don't you won't be able to say your s's and other letters. You'll talk like: Hi i thike (like) you thog (dog) where did thoo (you) get it? You get the point. When you get your tongue pierced, talk, sing, do whatever you can that makes noise from your mouth. Scream do W ( Full Answer )

Can you drink vodka when you get your tongue pierced?

you should not drink alcohol until about 1-2 weeks after you get your tongue pierced; as alcohol will slow the healing process by killing important bacteria that actually help the piercing heal. it is best to only drink beer or no alcohol at all until this time period has passed.

Is getting your tongue pierced sore?

i got my tongue done when i was 14 x . its not sore at all x . infact getting my teeth dunn was wose lol x . GO FURR IT

Can you drink alcohol with a tongue piercing?

it's really not advised before your piercing has had a chance to heal properly..same goes for mouthwash, if it has an alcohol content. if you do drink alcohol BEFORE it's healed, you can induce an infection, and some nasty swelling

Is getting your tongue pierced trashy?

YES! DEFINATELY! REALITY CHECK - It just depends on who you ask. Everyone is going to have an opinion, you just have to decide whether or not you care what other people think. Some people actually think tongue piercings are cool, and others won't hire you if you have your tongue pierced. Figure ( Full Answer )

What can you do if your tongue piercing gets infected?

Go to a medical treatment center, hospital, doctor without delay. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, with that being said, an infection could be life threatening and needs to be treated before it becomes septic.

How long after a tongue piercing can you drink alcohol?

I have had clients who have gone out that night and done a little drinking. It comes down to common sense, you don't want to be over doing it. Alcohol dehydrates the body and will make swelling a bigger issue than it already is. If you choose to go out have the bar maid bring you some ice water, suc ( Full Answer )

Can you drink tea or coffee after getting your tongue pierced?

Yes you can however be careful the hot coffee will conduct heat quickly into the barbell so be sure you sipp the coffee slowly. Once you are done you will need to rinse with you oral aftercare rinse "coffee will leave a residue on your tongue".

Can you drink alcohol the day after getting your tongue pierced?

No, it's strongly recommended not to smoke or drink alcohol for at least two weeks after getting it pierced. The body will work harder to protect itself from the alcohol and cigarettes - rejecting the piercing in the process. Not to mention that i would imagine that would hurt on a fresh wound!. I ( Full Answer )

How fast is it getting your tongue pierced?

Umm Well Ive Had Mine Done About A Week Ishh I Was Expecting It To Hurt Realy Bad But They Numbed It It Tasted Like Banana's Lol And Then You Dribble Like Everywhere... I Closed My Eyes When Having Mine Done I Couldnt Tell When She Pierced It It Was My Most Painless Piercing Yet Like Too ( Full Answer )

Can you drink alcohol after getting your lip pierced?

Right after the piercing do not drink any beer for at least 2 days because the yeast can cause a horrible infection, although I would personally recommend 10 to be safe. However I believe hard alcohol is fine. Good luck!

How long do you have to wait to drink after getting your tongue pierced?

Infections, side effects and healing issues are all points you need to discuss with your professional body piercer BEFORE you get the piercing done. You also need to discuss aftercare for the piercing, this should be followed up with written aftercare instructions for your piercing. No professional ( Full Answer )

Can you numb your tongue when getting it pierced?

Yes, the piercer might ask you if you want it numbing. You can take this option, as it wont hurt as much, but remember it will still hurt as the inside of your tongue is not numbed.

Is getting your tongue pierced safe?

As long as everything is sterile, and you relax your tongue and don't move it when they pierce it. By a good, safe, professional piercer? Yes. Otherwise - No. Some people's tongues may not be suitable (based on how their veins go, etc.) or the person him/herself might not be a good candidate (like i ( Full Answer )

Can you drink alcohol on the day of having your tongue pierced?

Sure you can just don't go out and be an idiot when you are out drinking, here's the skinny on drinking and tongue piercings. When you drink you dehydrate your self, you also seem to be fearless and do silly things like show everyone your tongue piercing. It's the hyper extension of the tongue in co ( Full Answer )

Tongue is getting infected from getting it pierced?

Well unless you did the piercing yourself, the chances your tongue is getting infected from it being done by a professional body piercer working in a licensed and inspected shop is slim to nil. The only way a professionally done piercing will get infected is through client abuse or neglect, failure ( Full Answer )

Can you drink tea after getting tongue pierced?

Yes Chamomile tea is a natural anti inflammatory and will help take the swelling down, however I suggest you drink it in Ice Tea format so it can help cool the piercing as well. hot beverages should be avoided or at least allowed to cool before drinking.

Will you lisp after getting tongue pierced?

While its healing, your tongue will swell and you will have a lisp. it isn't permanent though. Only while healing when your tongue is swollen. So don't get it if you'll have to go to work or school in the next few days.

Can you drink Smirnoff after getting your tongue pierced?

You can drink anything as long as it doesn't have yeast in it like beers and dark alcohols. If you do you can get a yeast infection in your mouth. I just got mine done and I'm playing it safe because who wants a yeast infection in your mouth. So check the ingredients and be careful.

Why does your tongue get numb when you drink alcohol?

No real reason, nothing to worry about. Alot of people who barely even drink alcohol get this sensation when drinking. If the numbness doesn't go away, seek medical attention or just don't drink.

What are the after affects of getting your tongue pierced?

The only negative side effects that come to mind are tooth chipping from biting down on jewelry ( plastic ends will basically do away with this risk) and gum erosion behind your teeth. You can wear a smaller ball on the bottom to reduce the risk of gum erosion but sometimes it just cant be helped.

How long before you can drink when your tongue is pierced?

When I got mine pierced, the piercer told me I can drink clear alcohols (think vodka ) but to avoid colored alcohol like beer and such. I think its because the ingredients in the colored alcohol, like the yeast in beer, can cause infection. I had to wait a month before I could drink beer and whatno ( Full Answer )

What can you drink after getting your tongue done?

When you first get it done, you might not be able to use a straw. The sucking action makes your tongue touch the roof of your mouth and can hurt. But, you could just pour it in there. You wanna hold off on caffeine and alcohol for at least a week. After that, try to stick to clear alcohol for a whil ( Full Answer )

Can you drink red wine after tongue piercing?

Drinking alcohol before the piercing has healed may result in pain as the alcohol irritates your tissue. It isn't toxic, and it shouldn't interfere with the healing of the piercing. After the piercing has healed, there should be no problems or inconveniences related to drinking alcohol, even red ( Full Answer )

Can you drink jager with new tongue piercing?

If its still bleeding, no. Alcohol is a blood thinner so it can increase bleeding from the piercing. I've also heard that you should stick with clear alcoholic drinks during healing but I've never seen sufficient proof for that so I dont know how reliable that is.

Can your tongue get infected after getting it pierced?

Any time your skin is pierced, there can be an infection, because bacteria can get in through the hole in the skin, until it heals. Tongues are particularly vulnerable because there is usually a lot of bacteria in the mouth, as a result of the food that passes through, and the saliva, which creates ( Full Answer )

Is getting your tongue pierced bad for you?

Tongue piercings can cause gum/enamel erosion, both of which are irreversible. However, this can be avoided/helped by positioning the piercing correctly and wearing proper jewelry. Its also possible to chip your teeth on the ball- this can be helped by wearing acrylic balls. Of course, there are the ( Full Answer )