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yessss :D

beth and lauren. alcester grammar!

well i think its a rather silly question abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i no my abc come and have a bath with me

yess u canc drink watrer but it has clorine and womens hormones from sewage

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yes you can

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Q: Can you drink enough water in your lifetime to empty an olympic swimming pool?
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Do you drink enough water in your life to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool?

Not even close.

To have enough water to drink and for swimming and fishing how do we encourage people to stop polluting it?

== ==

Why does a kangaroo not drink water in its lifetime?

They do drink water.

Can vinagar kill you?

Not unless you drink it for a lifetime.

How do you avoid accidents during swimming?

Drink a lot of water. Stretch before swimming. Use the facilities before swimming.

Do red-eared slider turles drink from a water bowl?

No, they drink the water that they are swimming/living in.

How much beer do you drink in a lifetime?

It depends on how much you drink beer on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. For me: nothing.

How many gallons of sperm does a average man have in a lifetime?

too much to drink!

What is it called when you don't drink enough water?

When you do not drink enough water, this is called dehydration/dehydrate.

What is a example for tactics in year 8 swimming?

Practice A LOT to get better. Drink A LOT of water. Never take a long break from swimming.

WHAT occurs when you do not drink enough water and results in impaired body function?

Dehydration is when you don't drink enough water.

How long can an alcoholic go without a drink?

For an entire lifetime if the person chooses to do so.