Can you drink urine

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You shouldn't drink it because it is a waste product and it is not good for you.
If that's what you enjoy....

If you feel the urge to drink it, your safest bet would be to drink your own. If it is another person's urine, you would need to take the same precautions as you would in choosing sex partners.

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Q: Can you drink urine
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Can a human drink his own urine?

Yes, a person can drink his/her own urine.

Can you swallow female urine?

Yes you can. Urine is sterile. That is why if your stuck in the desert with nothing to drink it is recommended to drink your urine.

Can you drink my urine?

No! Are you freakin out of your mind?! Re: lol! Try rephrasing this question. You surely don't mean if I will drink your urine, you mean "Is it OK to drink urine?"

Is it safe to drink your urine on a regular basis?

no it not safe to drink your own urine it is dangerous

Does urine contain calories?

Don't drink urine.

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Does your breath become smelly if you drink urine?

I don't mean to be rude. But why the hell would you want to drink urine?

What will happen if you drink another person's urine?

The urea in urine (yours or somebody else's) is poisonous so if you drink enough urine you will harm yourself. It may make you die and if you drink it, spit it out FAST.

Is urine poisonous?

The urea in urine is poisonous so don't drink large amounts of urine.

You drank urine by mistake and you have digestive issues what will happen to you?

Nothing. People drink urine when they are stuck in the desert and live. Urine is actually fine to drink....sounds gross but it did you ever get past the smell?????? :P Nothing. People drink urine when they are stuck in the desert and live. Urine is actually fine to drink....sounds gross but it did you ever get past the smell?????? :P

4 ways of Preventing tooth decay?

1. Drink urine. 2. Urine. 3. Urine. 4. Urine.

Can your husband drink your urine?

yes, but he can't drink it out of the loo, he has to drink it out directly. have fun!!!

Do cockroaches drink urine?


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Can you drink the saliva and urine of your wife?


Is it okay to drink women urine?


How true is it that you can drink your urine?


What kind of vinegar do you drink for a urine test?

You don't drink any kind of vinegar for a urine test because it doesn't work.

When would you drink your own urine?

You will drink your own urine in a last resort case to prevent dehydration. It will not taste good but it will keep you alive. Note: You can only drink same urine twice, the third time it is extremelly toxic.

What do monkeys drink besides water?

monkeys also drink their urine

What do people in kenya drink?

Water, coffee and in the summer, when there is no water to drink, they drink porcupine urine.

Is there any over the counter medicine to dilute urine?

When urine is diluted it just has more water in it. So just add water not medicine. Have the person drink drink drink water

Can you drink someones Urine?

Yes, it is possible to drink someone's urine and not die. It is likely that you may get sick from it however. It is not recommended to do this also because there are little to no nutrients in urine which can help the body metabolically.

Is it bad to drink lots of water the day of a urine test?

It's not necessarily bad to drink lots of water before a urine test but it could make you have to reschedule your appointment. The more water you drink the more diluted your urine is going to be. If your urine is to diluted they will make you come back after a day or two.