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Can you drive a car in NJ with a broken headlight?


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Yes. But you might get a ticket!

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Yes, if it is equipped with the proper mirrors.

Yes and no. It is illegal to sell and shoot fireworks in NJ but it isn't illegal to drive though NJ with a load of fireworks in your car.

yes you can as long as you rent the car from NJ to FL as your destination and drop off point. But I advise you to reserve a car in FL before you go on your trip so that your have a car to go home with.

As long as a legal driver is in the car with him.

How do you get a wholesale car dealer's license in NJ?

Usually in Nj the dealer has to guarantee inspection, and most of the time if you drive off the lot they will not take the car back from you. Unless there is something major major wrong with it. Dont buy it unless you want it.

Providing that you are in compliance with whatever provisions your NJ license calls for you can legally drive in any state.

You can go to to search for car insurance in the NJ region for free.


From the center of NJ it is 1506 miles.

How long does it take to drive from Atlantic City NJ to Dover DE

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 19 hours and 40 minutes.

It takes approximately 14 minutes to drive the 7.5 miles from Ridgefield NJ to Yankee Stadium

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No, you can not register a car in NJ if you live in PA. In order to register a car, you must present a driver's license that is current and belongs to the state in which you are registering the car.

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around 23 hrs of continuos driving, it might take 2-3 days by car

No, you do not need to have insurance to get your license in NJ. You can get your license before you even own a car.

Depends on where you are in NJ, but approximately 35-36 hours.

Yes. If you have a California Drivers License, it is legal for you to drive a car registered in New Jersey. If you own the car and live in one of those states, you have a limited amount of time to get the drivers license in the state where you live and to get the car licensed in the state where you live. If you live in California and are visiting someone in New Jersey, it is perfectly legal for you to use their car.

Ed Ramming Insurance in Camden, NJ has the lowest rates in Camden NJ.

jail. You should not drive illegally in NJ, because NJ scans plates going down the road, they can tell in 2 seconds if you dont have insurance, if your inspection has expired, or if anyone in your household is "wanted".Another AnswerDriving without a proper driving license -- anywhere -- is against the law. If you are caught, and depending on how you were caught, the penalty can be a substantial fine and potentially time in jail.Too frequently, people who drive without a driving license are involved in accidents, drive under the influence, or drive too fast, or drive an ill-equipped car. The moment you are stopped, you are caught.Driving without a license is not smart.

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