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No. You cannot drive alone on a learner's permit, period.

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You have to hold a learner's permit for 6 months before you can get an intermediate license in Washington.

You can get your learners permit at 15, and can have a drivers license at 16.

No you cannot. You must take the test within your state of residency.

Depends on what state, try checking your local dol/dmv . but... if you enroll in drivers ed you can get your permit within 10 days of the first class , or you can get it before drivers ed but you have to take a written test.

If you are referring to a drivers license/permit - - you may not legally possess a drivers license/permit from other than your state of legal residence.

Yes,you can drive in any Province or State in the US with the same restrictions as your BC Drivers Licence.

Yes as long as you can pass the state road test for a drivers license.

I know of NO state that allows a 'permit' driver to operate by themselves wihout a licensed driver in the car with them.

The questions in the Kentucky state drivers permit test contains questions regarding driving rules, regulations, procedures, and highway signs.

it matters if your under 16 you have to be with a person that is over 21 but if you over 16 you don't have to drive with a adultYou get your school drivers permit at 14

No, you cannot. South Carolina is one of the states (along with New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Arizona... and there may be others) which DOES NOT allow out-of-state drivers to drive in their state on a learner's permit.

You can only drive in the state where the learners permit was issued.

No. Hawaii is one of the states which does not recognise an out-of-state learner's permit.

Anywhere as long as you have someone 21 & over with a valid drivers license..Not entirely correct.. there are a few states which do not recognise out-of-state learner's permits... two areas which don't border your state. You cannot drive with an out-of-state learner's permit in:ArizonaHawaiiPennsylvaniaWashington, D.C.New HampshireSouth Carolina

The age requirement for a drivers permit depends on the state you live in you should call your local department of motor vehicle they would have the best answer for you.

Contact your state department of motor vehicles for information.

By the state, no. By your parents, yes.

So long as that state allows it, yes. Most states do, but some do not allow out-of-state learner's permit drivers to drive in their state (New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington D.C., and although you could drive in New York State, you couldn't legally drive in New York City). When driving through another state, you must meet that state's requirements concerning age. Additionally, you are subject to the restrictions both which your state places on learners permit drivers, and the restriction which the state you're driving through places on learners permit drivers.

In the state of Florida, drivers with only a learner's permit must be on their parent's insurance so that in the event that an accident does occur then they are covered.

Contrary to common belief, there are states which do not permit an out-of-state driver to operate a vehicle in their state on a learner's permit (Pennsylvania is actually one of them). New York, however, is one which does, provided the driver meets the criteria and restrictions for permit drivers both in New York State, and the state which issued their permit. Additionally, however, out-of-state learner's permit drivers are not permitted to drive within the Five Boroughs of New York City.

Must be old enough to get a drivers permit. Sorry don't know the law in your state but in Iowa, school drving permits are allowed at age 14

No, The driving privilidge in Washington State has to be valid in order to obtain A Drivers license in any state.

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