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No you cannot. You must take the test within your state of residency.

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What kansas drivers license is equilivent to Missouri class e license?

Waht kansas drivers license is equilivent to Missouri class e license?

Do you need a drivers license to register a car in Missouri?

You do not need a drivers license to register a car in the state of Missouri. A drivers license is only required if you intend to drive the car.

If a drivers license is suspended in Washington State can you get a license anywhere else?

No, The driving privilidge in Washington State has to be valid in order to obtain A Drivers license in any state.

How long do you have to have your drivers permit to get your drivers license in Washington state?

You have to hold a learner's permit for 6 months before you can get an intermediate license in Washington.

Can you swap an Australain drivers license for a Washington state drivers license when you move to the US?

You can DRIVE in Washington state with an Aussie license as a tourist, but if you permanently move there you have to take the same test as the locals and pass it to get a Washington license. It's not just a swap.

If your drivers license is suspended in Missouri can you move to Nevada and get your drivers license since Michigan is not part of interstate reciprocity program?

No. They will still check your record in Missouri before giving you a license in Michigan. Suspension must be lifted first.

Can you buy a car in Missouri without a drivers license?

I you are of legal age to own one, yes. You don't need a drivers license to own a vehicle.

Can you drive a 49cc in Missouri without a license?

Not on public roads. Anyone that rides one HAS to have a Missouri Drivers License but to ride a 49cc you DO NOT need a motorcycle endorsement

In Washington state can you get your license when your 18 if you didn't take drivers ed?

Yes you can get your license when your 18 in Washington state if you didnt take a drivers education class. Your insurance rates will be higher. Drivers education is required for people Under the age of 18 to get their license

How old do you have to be to get your license in the state of Missouri in the year 2009?

The law is, you still have to be 16 to drive. Whether you have a permit or drivers license, this is the law.

What age can you get your drivers permit in Missouri?

your learners permit at 15 and 6 months. your restricted license at 16. your full license at 18

Can exchange my Florida drivers license for a Wisconsin drivers license?

can I exchange my Florida drivers license for a wisconsin drivers license

How can to get a license if suspended in Missouri?

You have to get in touch the officials in Missouri in order to get a drivers licence in any other state...because other wise they will not issue you one

How do you get a drivers license in Missouri?

Contact a Driving school who can do that for you or to your local DMV Office they should be able to help you out.

How old do you have to be to drive in the state of Washington?

You can get your learners permit at 15, and can have a drivers license at 16.

Which state have enhanced drivers license?

Washington, Vermont, Michigan, New York, and California.

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