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It depends how old are you and whether or not you are an insured driver under the terms of the terms of your Dad's insurance policy. Your Dad's insurance agent can tell you if you are insured to drive the vehicle.

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Q: Can you drive your dad's fully comprehensive insured car with his permission?
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Can you drive any car under your fully comp insurance?

normally if you have fully comprehensive insurance you are insured to drive any car with permission but only third party. its legal but its not ideal if you have an accident as it will only pay out for the 'other persons car', not the one that your driving. the cost of any repairs to the car you are driving will be YOUR responsibility. always check your policy to make sure that this is offered as part of your fully comprehensive package.

If you drive your mother's car and I'm fully insured can I drive it?

No only those designated by the insurance holder may drive the car.

What kind of insurance policy can cover a person driving a car that is not theirs?

Fully comprehensive cover will allow you to drive others peoples cars, with their permission, but only on a thrid party basis, and you have to be over 21.

Can you give someone permission to drive your car when fully comprehensive?

short answer no, unless your insurance policy states any driver, then you will still have to check for any age restrictions. Drivers with comprehensive insurance will generally have emergency cover to drive other cars but this will only be third party, again you will need to check your policy documents.

Am I considered an uninsured motorist If I am driving my son's car which is fully insured and driving with permission but I do not have insurance and at fault in an accident?

No. The car is insured and your son's policy will provide coverage up to its policy limits.

What happens if you are insured but the car you're driving belongs to somebody else and the car is not insured?

In the UK, if you are insured fully comp for your own vehicle you are covered to drive any vehicle for third party damages, unless your policy states otherwise. Some policies allow you to drive any other vehicle fully comp. Check your policy.

Does fully comprehensive car insurance cover you on another car?

Yes as third party fire & theft.. and the other car has to be insured by some in its own right by someone else..

Can you drive a fully comprehensive insured car if you have only just past your driving test an if your are 18 years of age?

If you have your license, you are eligible to drive any car that does not require a specific license, such as a school bus, or city bus, which require a Commercial Driver License (CDL). Certain states have different regulations on insurance requirements, though comprehensive would not cover you or any other persons/property involved in an accident.

Is it unnecessary to use the word 'fully' with comprehensive?

"fully comprehensive" seems a bit redundant, meaning that it is repetitive because 'comprehensive' implies something has been fully studied or examined, or included, etc.. but, i s'pose there's nothing actually wrong with it.

What insurance covers for pothole damage?

fully comprehensive

What is the difference between a company that is fully insured and one that is self insured?

A company that is fully insured goes to an insurance company and buys insurance. A company that is self insured does not buy insurance and plans to pay any claims out of the companies "pockets". For instance, if you own a home but choose not to buy home insurance, you are self insured if you should have a fire.

When should you let your teen drive with other teens?

Should own his / her own carShould be fully insured (at the teens expense)Should be at least 35 years old.

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