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Can you drown yourself from drinking water?

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No you cannot.

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How do people drown from drinking a lot of water?

People do not drown from drinking water. A person can only drown if water enters the lungs.

How much water can you drink till you die?

Enough till you drown yourself. When you get to the point that you have drank so much water that your so full it makes you start throwing it up, if u keep drinking, your gonna drown yourself.

Can drinking too much water be unhealthy?

Drinking to much water can be unhealthy. There have been deaths related to drinking to much water. You can drown yourself if you drink to much. The FDA recommends 8 to 10 cups a day.

Can you drown from drinking too much water?


Can you drown while drinking?

A person can drown while drinking or while not drinking.

Can you drown from drinking milk?

You simply cannot drown by drinking too much milk. That is unheard of. Milk molecules are too large to diffuse through your stomach as water can. This is why you can drown by drinking too much water, but not by drinking too much milk. No one in the history of the world has drowned by drinking too much milk. also, I forgot... Alyssa Sealy is silly... and full of sh*t

How many gallons of water does it take to drown yourself?

It actually takes very little water to drown, only a tablespoon or so.

Why is bad drinking too much water?

It can drown your cells, making them swell

How much can you drink before you drown yourself?

Drinking too much water can lead to a condition known as water intoxication and to a related problem resulting from the dilution of sodium in the body, hyponatremia. You can't drown yourself unless you get too much water in your windpipe, which the human body is designed to avoid. The bladder can only hold so much water before it ruptures however; about 500-700 mL. == ==

Is it true that if you lay down while drinking water you can drown my big brother was just talking 2 me and im 11 so i had a water bottle and it has a hole in it he told me dont do that u can drown?

You wont drown unless you drink it wrong

What is partial bath?

When you stick your head in the water and drown yourself. -I'm a psychologist.

Do you have to drown yourself to be in the navy?

No! If you drown yourself, that means you are dead and you can't be in anything but a coffin.

How do crocodiles cach there prey?

They sneak up on animals while they are drinking and then leap out of the water and drown the animal.

Can you drown yourself from drinking too much water a day?

Well, sort of. Drinking too much water (and we're talking buckets here) will eventually thin out the blood to the point where you'll get really sick. It might even lead to liquid collecting in your lungs, which I suppose could be considered drowning.

Is it possible to drown a fish and how?

Yes, it is possible to drown a fish. What you need: An airtight box A fish Yourself Go to a lake, ocean, or place with very deep water. Before you jump in, place the fish in an airtight container with NO WATER. Jump in the water with the airtight container and drown. You will drown with the fish, but yea, who cares.

What are consequences of water?

Water is good for drinking, however drinking too much water will cause your interal organs to drown and you can die from this. Also flooding can cause massive damage and delays to people who need to go to work.

How can you measure how much water you are drinking?

get a gallon of water for yourself and keep track

How much water can one person drink in one day before they drown?

Driking and drowning involve separate processes, based on where the water goes (in drinking, down the oesophagus; in drowning, down the trachea). You can drink as much as you like and die of water poisoning yet never drown, or you can drown in it and never drink a drop.

Can you drown in holy water?

Yes, you can drown in any water.

What does not drown in water?

pumice is the only stone that does not drown in the water.

Can you die just from a glass of water?

By drinking it? No, probably not. However, if you put your mouth and nose in just a few inches of water, you will not be able to breath and will drown.

What should you do if you are in an earthquake while in a car?

you should get out of the car and jump off a cliff in to the water and drown yourself

Can drinking too much water kill you?

Yes... you will basically drown. Your organs will drown. Drink normal. Dont chug a gallon or liter size water. If you dont die you will get a huge stomach ache, pee alot, or have to get you stomach emptied.

Can drinking too much water give you gas?

HAHA i dont think so. Drinking too much water doesn't give you gas but overdoing the water drinking can cause drowning yourself.

Can you drown in a tablespoon of water?

A person can not drown in one table spoon of water.