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I guess you can, we saw Survivorman catch and eat one on tv. It wasnt very good, but he ate it!

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maybe a skunk will eat a butterflyt it depends on which skunk.

Not usually. The smell of the skunk keeps most carnivores away from this animal. The only thing that may eat a skunk is a vulcher and the skunk would need to be dead already.

No, unless it is a baby skunk it is unlikely that a raccoon would attempt to eat a skunk. Raccoons generally try to avoid confrontations with skunks.

Probably, if the skunk didn't spray him first.

A wolf could eat a skunk, but it never would. If it attacked a skunk, the skunk would use its horrible smelling spray to fend it off. The wolf would be overwhelmed by the stench and would retreat.

No, skunks do not eat squirrels.

yes they do eat snakes

black bears eat skunk cabbage after hibernation

they eat trash that has bacteria on it

Yes, if they were hungry enough. The skunk, though, will give the wolf a run for his money.

no..... no i dont think so.

Yes, as long as you've cleaned the meat properly. or handled cutting the skunk open correctly.

No they eat twigs,etc. n mayb oder animalss

They will eat a skunk if they cant find any food and they are starving

Yes they do and we have photos to prove it.

Because it needs to protect itself. Example: A human has a large net and wants to catch the skunk in it. The skunk sees him and sprays him so the human runs away and leaves the skunk alone to eat in peace.

Why do you care? I eat it for dinner! I love the smell of skunk! Love Ya Mon! Im from austraila! Likkye

They can eat 5 pounds per day.

Cows are herbivores, plant eaters, and hugely unlikely to eat a skunk.

Wolves seldom eat skunks, presumably out of fear of getting sprayed.

If you mean blue tailed skink then they eat small insects. a blue tailed skunk would need to stay away from the paint supplies

NO, because the smell is very bad and is not a delitcy to them

Skunks eat small animals, eggs, and most any kind of vegetable matter.

they eat rats ,lizards, insects ,mice and other small things like that

as an omnivore, they will eat anything they can get to when hungry. If baby birds are where the skunk can get them, yes.

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