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If you know the fruit is edible I don't see any reason not to. Septic systems are usually closed and if you have a tree planted near or above one it doesn't do anything to the tree.

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Q: Can you eat fruit from a tree near a septic system?
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Can you plant a fruit tree near my septic tank?

Provided that you don't have a leaky septic tank or flush uranium down your toilet, I should imagine a fruit tree would do quite well in that expanse of soil. In the event of either of those two situations, a fruit tree would be the least of your worries. While it will grow well and flourish above or near your septic tank, it would be a mistake to plant any large shrub or tree within 30 feet or maximum root length from your septic tank. One of the primary causes of blockages and back-ups is root encroachment. It might take a few years for the problems to develop, but they will.

Will rock salt kill tree roots in septic system?

If tree roots are in your septic system, you really need to seek professional help. Rock salt will kill tree roots but they will still need to be removed.

Can you plant a tree near a septic system?

You can it just wouldn't be very wise. Depending on what you septic is made of and how strong whatever it's made of is, you can plant one near it. If it is made of a softer metal or concrete DONT!!!!! If it's made of a strong, non-porus metal you can because then the roots can't take hold.

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