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Can you eat human?

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Yes, but there is the chance that you will contract the human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease.

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Does human eat eagles?

i think human can eat what they have

Can human eat the sperm?

no human cat eat....... human is not abnormal species

Do human beings eat human liver?

Yes they can eat human being liver

Can human eat tigers?

Human beings can eat anythings.

Can a human eat oak leeves?

A human CAN eat anything (but hair) if they wanted to so yes, a human can eat oak leaves.

Do humans eat Jellyfish?

yes human eat jellyfish yes human eat jellyfish

Would a tiger eat a human?

yes a tiger would eat a human

Do goldfish eat human food?

The answer is simple no golfish do not eat human food.

What type of human food do jellyfishes eat?

jellyfish do not eat human food.

Venus flytrap eat human flesh?

They don't eat human flesh!!

Can a alligator eat a human?

like every carnivorous animals eat human

Can snakes eat a human being?

Yes, snakes can eat human beings.

Can a human eat a mouse?

A human can indeed eat a mouse. Humans do not typically eat mice because there is not enough meat on a mouse to feed a human.

Can pig eat human foods?

Pigs can sometimes eat human food, guinea pigs can eat more human foods than pigs.

Will a shark eat a human if hungry?

A shark might eat a human if it is hungry. but mostly sharks don't eat humans

What does cannibals eat?

they eat on human flesh

What can eat an orange but an human has to eat it to?

The sun.

What does grasshopper eat?

They eat human nails they eat animal feces they also eat human dirt like (earwax, snot, etc.) fp

Will a tiger ever eat a human?

A tiger will only eat a human if it is too old to hunt.

Do human eat bears?

well,its rare for a human to eat a bear but i think some people do

Would a panda eat a complete human?

Yes, jenny a panda would eat a human.

Can a piranha eat a human?

A piranha cannot eat a human!

What kind of human food can parakeets eat?

they can eat a wide range off human food there is only little they cant eat.

Can a human eat a human?

Yes, it is called cannibalism.

Can a bunny eat a human?

only if the human is dead

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