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Q: Can you eat hummus while pregnant?
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Can you eat humos while pregnant?

As in Hummus? Ground up chic peas, and garlic I can't see why that wouldn't be good for you.

Can you eat hummus if you have diarrhea?

You should not eat hummus if you are suffering from diarrhea. Hummus contains chick pea's, which are known to cause loose bowels.

Is hummus safe for pregnant women?

Yes, hummus is safe for pregnant women, although if you are at a stage that you are having trouble with heartburn, it could be a trigger.

Is it safe to eat guava while pregnant?

Yes. You can safely eat the guava while pregnant.

Is haggis ok to eat while pregnant?

It's OK to eat the same while pregnant.

Do afghans eat hummus with chips or bread?

Afghans typically eat hummus with naan, a type of flat bread.

Is it safe to eat avocado while pregnant?

Yes... it is safe to eat avocado while being pregnant.

Is it healthy to eat moose while pregnant?

i am pregnant , can i eat lemon moose whilst pregnant?

Can you eat activia yogurt while pregnant?

No, do not eat activia yogurt while pregnant. Just eat the other kind of yogurt.

Can you eat dried shrimps while pregnant?

pregnant women can eat dry prawns

Why you can eat jalapeno while pregnant?

Im pretty sure you can eat jalapenos when pregnant!

Can you eat camembert while pregnant?

No you cant eat Camembert when your pregnant. My sister is pregnant and she has this list of stuff not to eat and Camembert one of them.

What herbs should you avoid while pregnant?

== == You need to research any herbs thoroughly while pregnant, their are many that need to be avoided in pregnancy. I have heard Beetroot and Hummus. Also don't overdo Vitamin A or C.

Why do people eat hummus?

Because it is delicious!!

Do libyan people eat hummus?


Is eating tissue paper harmful while pregnant?

why would anyone eat tissue paper? i would say dont eat it while pregnant or not pregnant.

Can you eat maraschino cherries while pregnant?

can u eat them or not

Can you eat vegetables while pregnant?

Yes, and you definitely should eat vegetables while pregnant. Your developing child needs the nutrition from them.

Can you eat conch while pregnant?

Yes you can, I'm from the Caribbean and we eat conch while pregnant all the time, its rich in protein

Can you eat cockles when you're pregnant?

I would not advise you to eat any seafood while you are pregnant

Is pearl meat safe to eat while pregnant?

It is safe to eat the pearl meat when pregnant.

Can you eat duck while pregnant?


Can you eat prosciutto while pregnant?


Is it safe to eat thyme while pregnant?


Is crayfish safe to eat while pregnant?