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The previous answer was just stupid. It's unbelievable how many idiots there are out there. Seriously, though... Cheeses to AVOID in pregnancy Mould-ripened soft cheeses: Brie, Blue Brie, Cambozola, Camembert, Chaumes, chèvre (goats cheese with a white rind), Pont L'Eveque, Taleggio, Vacherin-Fribourgeois Blue-veined cheeses: Bergader, Bleu d'Auvergne, Blue Wensleydale, Shropshire Blue, Danish Blue, Dolcelatte, Gorgonzola, Roncal, Roquefort, Stilton, tomme, Wensleydale (blue). Soft, unpasteurised cheese, including goat and sheep's cheeses: Chabichou, Pyramide, Torta del Cesar. Cheeses which are SAFE to eat in pregnancy Hard cheeses: Austrian smoked, Babybel, Caerphilly, Cheddar, Cheshire, Derby, Double Gloucester, Edam, Emmental, English goat's cheddar, feta, Gouda, Gruyere, Halloumi, Havarti, Jarlsberg, Lancashire, Manchego, Orkney, paneer, Parmesan, Pecorino (hard), Provolone, Red Leicester. Soft and processed cheeses: Boursin, cottage cheese, cream cheese, feta, goat's cheese without a white rind, mascarpone, mozzarella, Philadelphia, processed cheese (such as cheese spread), Quark, ricotta. Yoghurts (all varieties), probiotic drinks, fromage frais, soured cream and crème fraîche - any variety, including natural, flavoured and biologically active - are all safe to eat. Source: BabyCentre (UK)

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Q: Can you eat soft cheese while pregnant?
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Can you eat Boursin cheese while pregnant?

You should try to avoid soft cheese.

Is it safe to eat aged gouda cheese while pregnant?

The general consensus is that cheese is safe unless it is of the soft un-pasturised type . Gouda is pasturized !

Can you eat cheese fries while pregnant?


Is it safe to eat blue cheese while pregnant?

It's not reccommended to eat soft cheeses or pate whilst pregnant as they could contain listeria (a type of bacteria) which is potentially harmful to the baby

Is it safe to eat goat cheese while pregnant?

Yes as long as it isn't soft, white moulded, blue or made from unpasturised milk.

Provolone cheese can a pregnant woman eat it?

Provolone cheese should not be a problem. Try to avoid soft cheeses such as feta, and blue cheese.

Can i eat feta cheese while pregnant?

Feta cheese is not among the recommended cheese during pregnancy, or any of your soft cheeses for that matter. For best advice, you should consult your OB/GYN as he/she will know your best needs.

Kraft mac and cheese deluxe safe to eat while pregnant?


Is it safe to eat ricotta cheese while pregnant?

It is not only safe to eat ricotta while pregnant, it is good for your health! It is a great source of calcium and enzymes.

Is it safe to eat gorgonzola cheese while pregnant?

It is recommended to stay away from blue cheese, gorgonzola and many other soft cheeses. Most of them carry listeria, which can be harmful. Here is a good article from Fit Pregnancy about what foods are safe and which are not. Pregnant women are advised not to eat soft, mould-ripened cheese. Gorgonzola can sometimes cause harm to an unborn baby. Talk to your doctor about the risks of soft cheeses and which types to avoid during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women eat gouda cheese?

Yes. The pregnant women can eat this cheese.

Can you eat Philadelphia cream cheese while pregnant?

The only reason cream cheese should be avoided while pregnant is if you've been advised to reduce your fat intake.

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