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== == == == The official answer - after calling the Trident company - is that the wrappers of Trident gum are not meant to be eaten along with the gum. It's just regular old wax paper.It won't kill you, but it's probably not that much fun to do.

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Q: Can you eat the wrapper from Trident gum?
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Can you eat the wrapper of stride gum?

yes you can actually eat the stride gum wrapper..but just make sure you do not swallow it and make sure if you do eat it have it with ur stride gum

Will a bunny die if it eats a gum wrapper?

A bunny could easily die if it eats a gum wrapper. Most bunnies however will be fine if they eat a gum wrapper.

What is the name of the chewing gum with eatable wrapper?

i think it's trident, that's what people around me say.

Can you eat the stride gum wrapper?

I do. I luv the environment so I eat the rapper with the gum

How do you eat trident gum with paper?

you chew it

Is the Stride gum wrapper safe to eat?

You will potentially get gum disease if you chew on the wrapper but if you onry brack it will be fine sign Dr. Wang.

Can you eat the mega mystery gum wrapper?

if you like to eat wrappers i guess...

Can you chew strides gum wrapper?

Yes, you can there is nothing toxic about it but if you chew it with your gum it cold make your gum a little harder :) You may eat the wrapper, but it is best if you stick the whole thing (Gum in wrapper) in your mouth. It is proven to give your gum more flavor, and it can not harm you, it almost dissolves.

Can you eat the wrapper on stride gum?

yes ,you can eat it. if you chew on it nothing will happen .the gum will be a little more harder though.

When was Trident - gum - created?

Trident - gum - was created in 1960.

Can you eat the wrapper to stride gum?

I'm not really sure......maybe...

Is trident gum healthier than bubble yum?

trident gum is not healthier than bubble gum, trident gum has more sugar.

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