Soybeans and Tofu

Can you eat tofu on hcg diet?

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Only on phase four because tofu has carbs in it.

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

there's no reason to stray from the proteins that are offered unless you are a vegetarianwho doesn't eat fish. People who tofu are consuming more carbohydrates than works on the diet. Therefore the weight loss is due to the restriction of the calories and you don't get the benefit of what the HCG Diet is designed to accomplish otherwise. If you are a vegetarian who eats fish normally, you will do fantastic!

You may have clams during phase 3 of the HCG diet.

Yes, you can eat carbs on an HCG diet plan. If you do eat carbs make sure that you stick to your 500 calorie plan. you may eat anything you want if it fits in your plan.

No. Baked chips are not usually part of that diet.

No, all dairy is to be avoided.

You can find example food that you might eat on the HCG diet on the following site: It is very low in calories.

No, you cannot have avocado on the HCG diet until Maintenance. Included in the Related Links is a document that lists all foods allowed on the VLCD (very low calorie diet) portion of the HCG Protocol.

Only during the maintenance phase

Good diet for HCG check it

You cannot eat acorn squash on the HCG Diet. Acorn squash is considered a starchy vegetable and is very high in carbohydrates. Butternut squash should be avoided as well.

You can eat anything you like. hCG will not help you lose weight. If you would like to lose weight, lower your caloric intake.

On the HCG diet, cucumbers and vinegar are allowed, so you may have pickles. Due to the high sodium content of pickles, they should not be eaten on a regular basis while on the diet.

Yes during phase 3 only.

Many of the recipes for the "Zone" diet are also appropriate for the HcG diet. I was also able to find a website that lists many HcG diet recipes. It is

On the HCG Drop Diet, it is recommended that you eat 6 large apples on the "apple day" Dieters are also allowed to drink water on this day but only when they are thirsty.

You can find HCG diet reviews on the following site: There are definitely mixed reviews.

While you are on the hCG diet you'll want to avoid basically all starchy foods like popcorn. You can find a full food list below.

The HCG diet severely limits the amount of calories you can have a day to 500. The HCG diet book contains recipes that are good for this specific diet.

You are wise to get this done before you start the diet. Some places to look are and

In general you can actually eat almost any food while on the hcg diet. The main point is that you'll have to just eat less of it, below the 500 calorie mark for the entire day.

i have an surgery and iam doing HCG diet ?

You can remove tofu from Type AB's diet but you should replace it with other nutrients of the same type. You can eat meat or lean. Type AB needs more protein and vitamins.

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