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You can edit some online encyclopedias such as and

Others, such as don't and are edited by official authors.

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Q: Can you edit an encyclopedia
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What is Wikipedia slogan?

The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

What is a community encyclopedia that allows users to edit the content?


What is Wikipedia Encyclopedia?

Wikipedia is a free encylopedia that anyone can edit. It will ban you from editing for a certain amount of time if you cause vandalism.

Who wrote the Wikipedia biography for Stan lee?

Numerous people contributed to the Wikipedia biography of Stan Lee. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

How do you pronounce encyclopedia?


What is the names of encyclopedia sets?

Some popular encyclopedia sets include Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book Encyclopedia, and Encyclopædia Universalis.

What is the use of Wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative website which allows every logged-in member to edit the pages and contribute to the content of the site. Wikis are mostly used for documentation or encyclopedia types of sites as far as I know.

Does WikiAnswers have to do with wikepedia at all?

No. However, the coincidence in names provides a fun tidbit. A wiki is defined as "A collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it" - both WikiAnswers and Wikipedia are plays on this word: WikiAnswers is a site where anyone can ask, answer, and edit questions, whereas Wikipedia is a wiki-encyclopedia which anyone can read or edit.

Encyclopedia of all subject?

Encyclopedia Britannica.

Is an encyclopedia a primary?

No, an encyclopedia is a secondary source.

What differences are bitween Wikipedia and encyclopedia?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia while a plain encyclopedia is on paper.

What the popular collaborative online encyclopedia?

__________ is a popular collaborative online encyclopedia