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You can call the school and ask them, but I'm almost 100% certain that unless you are an emancipated minor you cannot enroll yourself in school.

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Q: Can you enroll yourself in school in Georgia at the age of 17?
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Can you enroll yourself in school at age 17 in Kansas?

no school there ends at 16.............. i think

Can you enroll into high school at the age of 19?

can you enroll into high school at the age of 17?

What did Georgia O'Keeffe do at the age of 15?

Go to school like yourself.

Can an 18 year old enroll themselves in high school without parental consent in Iowa?

You can enroll yourself in school at age eighteen. However, you should visit a local school and speak with the guidance counselor who can review your status and explain your options in your school system. You may need to enroll in a GED program rather than being able to enroll in the regular high school program because of your age and status.

At what age can you enroll your daughter into public school?

age 5

What age can children enroll in school?

children can enroll in school anywhere froam ages 4-5, depending on the school district

What is the legal age to enroll yourself in high school in the state of Virginia?

You can not enroll in high school until you have completed all middle school requirements. Typically, once a person passes all grades, the middle school will transfer all information over to the high school.

If a person moves out at 17 in Georgia can he enroll himself in school?

No. The person would still need a parent or legally appointed guardian until they reached the age of majority. In Georgia that is 18.

Can you unenroll out of high school move out and enroll in another high school without parental consent in Texas at age 17?

The legal age to move out is 17, but you can not un enroll from school. Only the person who enrolled you can un enroll you, unless emancipated.

Can you enroll yourself in high school at 17?

In Canada, yes. In fact, you must be legally attending school if you are the age of 17 or 18. Other than that it depends which country you are living in.

Can you enroll in an online college if you are only in middle school?

no you need to be of age

Can you at age 16 enroll yourself into a high school?

No. Your parents or guardian must go to the high school and fill out the forms. Proof of living in the high school district will be required as well as forms and transcripts from the last school you attended.

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