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Yes, but probably with some restrictions. If the eviction was perfected as a judgment the judgment will remain on the credit report for 7 years from time of award. Bear in mind most judgments are renewable and can be reentered on a CR. That being the case renting an apartment would be difficult without having a cosigner or perhaps paying a substanial deposit. If the eviction is not a judgment the entry will be on entered in the tenantsscreening history that is kept by private companies and can be accessed by landlords/rental agencies. That type of entry generally remains for 5 years. ****In los angeles county there is a tenant screening service and your name remains on there for 10 years. In some cases the people who run this service out of their wilshire boulevard office don't remove names even after 10 years unless threatened with legal action. It will be really tough finding a new apartment, friends have helped me out and have rented past apartments for me under their identity and I live by myself in the unit but I keep a very low profile. In my recent apartment I had to pretend to be an illegal alien to get an apartment luckily they bought it and I have been here for almost two years in not a terrible area but some of the places I lived in before were practically flop houses.

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Q: Can you ever rent an apartment again if you have an apartment eviction on your records?
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"How long do you have till an eviction is off of your credit?" i am looking for an apartment but i have an eviction that's about 9 years old. the question on the aplication is have i ever been evicted? do i say yes or no? how do i find out if its still there?

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Get a new place before the final judgment hits the Court's public record, and your credit report. There are companies that search court records for eviction judgments, enter the info into a database and then charge fees to Landlords for checking a potential tenant's background. Be aware that even though you sign a new lease, if the new landlord should ever become aware that you had an eviction when you signed your lease, it may be grounds for them to terminate your lease, and you're out again. Read the lease or application for their policy on future knowledge of your previous eviction. And keep your fingers crossed they never find out. It will be on your record for 7-10 years, depending upon the state and eviction laws.

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