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Can you exchange French Franc bills?

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Since 2012, French Francs do not hold any value any more.

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What is the value of a french franc in us?

The French franc is no longer legal currency. It cannot be exchanged for US money; you must exchange Euros instead.

What is the exchange rate French franc?

The French franc is no longer in use. It was replaced by the Euro on January 1, 1999. The current exchange rate is 1 Euro to 1.35 US Dollars.

What was the French minor currency before the Euro. What were the small coins and parts of the franc called?

the French currency before the Euro was the franc (officially the 'French Franc', symbol FF). The subdivision was the 'centime' and was of trifle value. The French Franc were phased out throughout the year 2001 and replaced by the Euro. The exchange rate was 6.55957 FF for one Euro.

What is the meaning of franc in old French?

in old French 'franc' meant 'free'in old French 'franc' meant 'free'

Can you convert french franc coins into pounds?

No because the Central banks in France no longer accept coins. However you can still change the French Franc notes into pounds at Thomas Exchange in Maddox Street London.

Is the French Franc still used today?

No the French Franc was replaced by the Euro

What is the Ol French meaning franc?

in old French 'franc' meant 'free'

All kites are bills of exchange but not all bills of exchange are kites?

all kites are bills of exchange but not all bills of exchange are kites why?

What does an old 2500 french franc look like?

there is no such thing as a 2500 old French Franc. The first French franc was created on the 5th of December, 1360.

How many French francs are there in 1 euro?

There are 6.55957 French francs (FF) in one euro. This is a fixed and irreversible exchange rate as the French franc is no longer an existing currency.

What was the French franc to euro exchange rate in 2002?

The exchange rate was 6.95557 francs for one Euro. It was a fixed rate which never varied from the introduction of the Euro (Jan 1, 2001), to the withdrawal of the Franc (Jan 1, 2002) and until the end of the last exchange operation in early 2012.

Are french francs worth anything now?

The French Franc was replaced by the Euro in 2001. Until January 2013, a French franc was worth .20 American dollars or .15 Euros. It is no more possible to exchange French Francs, so coins or notes have only a collection value now.

How much is a 1923 french franc worth?

A 1923 French Franc is currently worth $1 dollar. The 1923 French Franc is made from aluminum and bronze metals.

What kind of money does Geneva Switzerland use?

The primary form of currency in all of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc with both bills and coins. Geneva has so many international companies present that many people think that the Euro is accepted but officially it is not. There are currency exchange offices and banks on every corner that will exchange any currency into Swiss Franc. On the paper bills is a reference to the four languages spoken in Switzerland; French, Italian, Swiss German, and Romanche. Switzerland is part of the European community but not the European Union that uses the Euro.

When did French West African franc end?

French West African franc ended in 1945.

When was French West African franc created?

French West African franc was created in 1903.

When did French Equatorial African franc end?

French Equatorial African franc ended in 1945.

When was French Equatorial African franc created?

French Equatorial African franc was created in 1917.

What does the word franc mean in French?

The franc was a unit of French currency , roughly the equivalent of the US dollar in structure. 100 centimes = 1 franc. The franc was replaced by the Euro in 2002

Which country is franc from?

"franc" was the currency of France (FRF, French Franc) ; the Belgian currency was FRB, "le franc belge"

What is the value of the old french franc in Euro?

The exchange rate between the francs and Euros was set at 6.55957 francs for one Euro, so one franc was worth 0.1524 Euro at the time of the switch.

What was the currency used in Monaco before the euro?

french francThe French Franc was used before the Euro.

What is the exchange rate of a franc and dollar?

Do you mean the Swiss Franc? if so 1 US Dollar =1.04 Swiss Francs. Or if you mean the French Franc, France has now changed its currency from Francs to Euros and at current rate 1 US Dollar = 0.698 Euros.

Is the Belgian franc the same as a french franc?

No, they were not. 1 French franc was about 6 Belgian francs at some point. Both have now been replaced by the EURO.

What do countries still using the franc have in common?

they speak French Not true. Switzerland has the Swiss franc, and in Switzerland they speak German, French and Italian. But, in German it is spelled "Frank", in French it is spelled "franc".