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You can definitely exclude your spouse from your auto insurance. They shouldn't be driving if their license is suspended so they don't need insurance.

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Q: Can you exclude your spouse from your auto insurance in Ohio if their license is suspended?
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Can people get car insurance if a spouse's license is suspended?

Yes, You can still get auto Insurance on your own.. It is common for people to exclude an unlicensed spouse from from coverage on their Auto insurance Policy. This way you don't get penalized for your spouses driving record.

Do you need a license to get insurance?

In general you need a license to get insurance for your car, but if yours has been suspended it is still possible to get insurance by selecting a primary driver, such as your spouse.

How do you get insurance when one spouse has DUIs and a suspended license?

I would call an insurance agent and they can provide you with a rate and possibly a policy.

Can you collect insurance benefits if your spouse commits suicide?

Generally, insurance policies exclude suicide. Check with your insurance company, as they are all different.

Do you need to include your non driving unlicensed spouse to your car insurance?

If your spouse has no drivers license and does not drive, then no, you don't have to include them on your auto insurance policy. Actually, they have to have a drivers license before they can be added to the policy.

How do you get insurance when one spouse has DUIs and a suspended license and the other has a clean driving record?

Excluded High Risk DriversYou can exclude the spouse with the bad driving record from the policy. Since their license is suspended they can't drive anyway. Be careful of the excluded driver option, however. With an excluded driver endorsement, there is NEVER any coverage for the excluded driver -- EVER. Sounds pretty obvious until that person gets behind the wheel and wipes out a busload of nuns. Interestingly, people tend to forget all about being an excluded driver under those circumstances.hahaaa where we live there is no public transportation. I got excluded driver ins. but i am not comfortable with it but the payments for other insurance is over my head at the time being. thank you for your advice on this question.

Can a named insured be an excluded driver on an automobile liability insurance policy in Arizona?

Yes as long as the named insured is not a spouse, or if the spouse does not drive and does not have a drivers license the spouse can also be excluded.

In New York State can you exclude a spouse from your auto insurance policy if she will never drive due to a lifelong disability?

As long as you let the insurance company know that you are married and the reason she will never drive the vehicle.

Can you exclude your spouse from auto insurance coverage without their knowledge?

Not usually. With most companies the spouse will be required to sign the exclusion. I always recommend my clients against excluding people from their insurance policies. An exclusion takes away all coverages on a policy if the excluded person is driving not matter what the circumstance. Back to you original question, it is up to the insurance company whether or not the spouse must sign to be excluded.

Can you remove your separated spouse from your auto insurance in the state of California?

You can "exclude" anyone from your policy. This is frequently done when a young person is of driving age and you don't want your policy to cover them because the rates would go up. So yes, you can exclude a current, separated, or whatever spouse or any other person from your policy.

Is it auto insurance fauld if your wife lied to her auto insurance and said she was not married because your license is revolked in Maryland?

It could be, especially if the person with the revoked license is involved in an accident because he cannot legally drive a vehicle and she committed insurance fraud by not telling her insurance company the spouse was in the household.

Is there Medicare insurance for your spouse?

no there is no medicare insurance for spouse. Medicare insurance covers the claims only for the self and not fore the insured persons like spouse.

How is auto insurance coverage affected when your spouse has no drivers license?

Usually the Insurance underwriters would offer the licensed driver what is called a Named driver exclusion. This should not affect the cost of your insurance premium. The u/w would need to know information about the unlicensed operator (why don't they have a license? was it suspended, revoked, or are they just not licensed because of a handicap, or the person just does not drive) Once this is determined then he u/w would better know how to proceed in offering the NDE.

Can a spouse buy a car with no license and give it to his or her spouse who does have a license?

yes he or she might have some explaning to do thoughhh. : )

Can a spouse drop or cancel insurance on the other spouse if that spouse has no other coverage This for the state of Missouri?

Yes. The person who the insurance is through can.

Can an ex spouse keep insurance policy on ex spouse?

Yes - if the insurance company will allow it. Some medical insurance companies will not.

How do you add spouse to health insurance?

how do you add spouse to your blue cross blue shield health insurance

How do you add a spouse to your life insurance?

Your spouse can get a separate policy (usually cheaper) or you can contact your insurance company to get the right paperwork for adding your spouse. Adding your spouse as a beneficiary, your agent can help.

Can a spouse cancel health insurance before the spouse files divorce?

It is not illegal for a spouse to cancel health insurance before another spouse files divorce. However, if a current legal separation agreement is in place that allows for health insurance, then it can not be cancelled.

If your car insurance cover anybody over 25 and your hubsand got his own insurance do you have to put him on your insurance?

this is a common question. it really depends on the company you are referring to. most major carriers require both spouses to be on the policy with the exception for the following reasons: 1-spouse not licensed 2-spouse cannot drive for medical reasons 3-spouse lives out of the country some companies will let you exclude your spouse from the policy. this means that he/she is listed and acknowledged as a licensed driver in your household but does not drive your vehicle. if you have your spouse excluded from your policy and they get in an at-fault accident in your vehicle there will not be coverage. usually it is cheaper to be rated as married on the auto insurance policy so you may want to get a quote for that. also, you should get the multiple vehicle discount.

Can you be removed from heath insurance by spouse without your permission?

Yes, especially if your spouse pays towards the insurance benefits out of his/her check.

Should you lose your license for no insurance if you are listed as a driver on your husband's auto insurance policy?

The question is a little confusing. If the spouse or person is listed on the insurance policy as a driver of the vehicle then they are indeed insured and shouldnot besubject to being penalized for that specific issue.

If you have a clean insurance record marry someone with a DUI and tickets can you have a policy separate from your spouse?

Yes you can. When my husband and I got married, I kept my own insurance. Answer You can but...many insurance companies require that all licensed drivers in the household either be named on the policy or specifically excluded. If you exclude the spouse with the DUI from your policy your insurance would not cover that person if they were involved in an incident in your car. If you are concerned about liability for his driving habits, a better way would be to obtain legal advice as to car ownership with him and to act on that.

Can one buy life insurance for their spouse?

Yes one can buy life insurance for his or her spouse because he or she has insurable interest in the spouse. One would not like to see his or her spouse die so there is no moral hazard involved.

Is surviving spouse the legal beneficiary of a life insurance policy if a different beneficiary is named?

No, the spouse is not. The beneficiary is named. There are laws that require the spouse to sign an acknowledgement that there is life insurance that she is not the beneficiary of.