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A Type 7812 voltage regulator ic (integrated circuit) is 3-terminal device with separate pins for Input, Output and Ground.

Basically you connect a suitable source (a battery or a power supply unit that plugs into the house's main electricity service) to the Input pin and the Ground pin. Connect your load device (the equipment which requires a regulated voltage) to the Output pin and the Ground pin.

You can find circuit diagrams for using this type of voltage regulator IC in electronics textbooks and often in the catalogs produced by suppliers of electronic components.

For technical and licensing reasons circuit diagrams cannot be included within the answers on this site.

The Related Link shown below gives detailed information about the ic itself, including its own internal circuit diagram.

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What is 7812 voltage regulator?

The 7812 voltage regulator is a three terminal, single IC, +12V regulator.

What is the main use of ic 7812?

The 7812 is a positive analog voltage regulator with a 12 volt output

What is the internal circuit diagram of a 7812 voltage regulator?

Please see the Related Link shown below.

Maximum voltage can be used for transistor 7812?

7812 is not a transistor. It is a three lead voltage regulator integrated circuit. Its maximum input voltage should be near 35 volts. The minimum input voltage should be near 14 volts. The output will be 12 volts.

Regulator ic 7812 diagram circuit?

internal diagram of ic 7812

A 7812 transistor is pnp type?

The 7812 is not a transistor. It is an integrated circuit, a voltage regulator designed to regulate an input voltage down to 12 volts output. It typically comes in a TO-220 case, and has three leads, so it sure does look like a transistor though!

Which type of circuit keeps voltage constant?

A voltage regulator. Examples are the 78dd series of regulators where dd is the voltage, e.g. 7805, 7812. These work with a positive rail, the 79dd regulators work with a negative rail.

What is operation of IC 7812?

this is the voltage regulator IC which gives you +12 volts. after the capaciter it is being used in power supply.In 7812 , the 78 denotes (+ve) while 79 denotes (-ve) i.e.7912 provide you -12 volts. thelast two figure shows the output voltage.

What is ic 7812?

it is ic of 78 series.its voltage is 12V

Use of transistor 7812?

The 7812 is not a transistor, it is an integrated circuit. the 78xx series are voltage regulators, where the xx indicates the voltage, in this case 12V. pinouts may vary, but most commonly it goes input, ground, output from left to right while reading the number. if you connect a voltage source between input and ground (with the positive on the input, negative on the ground), the voltage between output and ground will be 12V. if the chip is heatsinked, it can source 1 amp.

Explain the pin dia gram of IC 7812 belonging to category of logic gates?

The 7812 is not a logic gate. It is a three terminal voltage regulator with an output of +12V.Looking at the pins of the TO-220 device, with the flat side down, the left pin and the case is common, the center pin is input,and the right pin is output. For the smaller TO-92 78L12 device, the left pin is output, the center pin is common, and the right pin is input

Function of integrated circuit 7812 in clap switch?

The 7812 is a 12v DC regulator that takes an input volt up to 44v and outputs 12v ( i believe there can be a 32v between the input and the output so 12+32=44 but check the data sheet). So to answer your question the 7812 is a voltage source that more than likely powers the rest of the circuitry in the clap switch, such as the relay, amp for microphone and any other devices.

Use of ic regulator?

To regulate a powersupply. The variations of voltage will be nullified by this ic. For example a three legged ic say number 7812 gives 12v dc supply if you are applying a voltage of 13 to 24vdc at a maximum current rate of 1 ampere. If applied voltage is 24v the dissipation will be approximately 12w.

What is the operation of voltage regulator IC 7812?

it is a 3-terminal device: 1. input, 2. output, 3. earth.The input is a voltage between +14 and +20 v, the output is +12 v at up to 1 amp.Other positive voltage regulators are 7805, 7806, 7809, 7815, 7818 depending on the regulated voltage required.For negative voltage regulators use 7905, 7906 . . etc.

How ic 7812 works?

Here is circuit 9V power supply regulator with battery 12V backup system. Use IC 7812 and 7805 control voltage output by R3 1K output 9V 1A max. This is a 9V power supply which will work even on power failure. It uses a rechargeable battery and regulators. A transformer with 15-0-15 AC volts output is required. In the first regulator U1 the output is lifted up by 1.4V and in the second regulator U2 by a resistor divider. In the second regulator the voltage across resistor R3 is 5V, so the current is 5V / 1K = 5mA this adds to the quiescent current of 5mA from the regulators ground terminal and flows into the resistors R1 and R2 in parallel which form 404 ohms, 10mA thru 404 ohms is 4V. So the output will be 5 + 4 = 9V. Note that the charge and discharge paths of the battery are separated with diodes.

What are the release dates for The Young and the Restless - 1973 1-7812?

The Young and the Restless - 1973 1-7812 was released on: USA: 3 February 2004

Function of ic 7812?


What is 7812 in scientific notation?

7.812 × 103

I am building a simple 12VDC power supply with a 12VAC transformer and full wave bridge rectifier Whenever I add the filter capacitor I get a voltage of around 15VDC too far from 12V why is that?

There are two reasons for your results. The first relates to the operation of the transformer: All transformers are rated to deliver a maximum current. At that current, the output voltage will be the rated voltage. A transformer that has an output rating of 12V and 1A will deliver a voltage of 12 volts when the current drawn is 1 amp. If the current drawn is less than 1 amp, you can expect the voltage to rise by up to 10% when no current is drawn. The second reason relates to the way AC voltage is measured. 12V AC is an RMS voltage. This represents the "average" voltage. (note that the term average is incorrect but will suffice for this answer). The waveform actually peaks higher than the average level. For a 12V AC voltage the peak voltage is close to 17V. When the smoothing capacitor is added to the output of the bridge rectifier, current will flow into the capacitor to charge it until the capacitor voltage reaches the peak voltage from the rectifier. In this case, the peak is 16.8V minus 1.2V (the voltage drop across two diodes in the rectifier) to give a DC voltage of around 15.5V DC. As soon as a load is added to the power supply, the capacitor voltage will discharge on each cycle. At each peak voltage from the rectifier, it will charge up again. The DC voltage will actually look like a shallow sawtooth when examined on an oscilloscope. There are several ways to obtain a 12 volt DC output from the power supply. The simplest is to use a 3 pin regulator IC called a 7812. There are several versions for different output current and input voltage variants. The output of a 7812 will be held at 12 volts regardless of the input voltage variation. When using a voltage regulator, look up the data sheet for it. Each one has guidelines on using them. The guidelines are simple but important so don't ignore them.

What is the Maximum current can be used for transistor 7812?


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