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No, you can not fail a drug test for having sex with a person who is a drug user.

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Q: Can you fail a drug test by having unprotected sex with someone who uses cocaine?
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Can someone have a positive drug test from packaging crack or cocaine?


What are the treatments for Cocaine abuse?

There are many treatments for Cocaine abuse. Some of the treatments for Cocaine abuse include having a sponsor and attending a drug rehabilitation program.

Can you test positive by sleeping with someone on cocaine?

As long as you didn't use any cocaine it will not show up on your drug test.

If someone did one line of cocaine will they fail a drug test 72 hours later?

Huuum, who is the someone?

Is Cocaine a phenomena?

Cocaine is not a pneumonia its a drug

If someone snorted a line of cocaine and 3 mins later you had to take a drug test by urinating would it be positive for cocaine?

No. They test for the metabolite, not the drug. It would not have been metabolized at that point if not previously ingested.

Will cocaine test the same as vivance on a drug test?

cocaine will come up as cocaine on a drug test and vyvanse will come up as an amphetamine on a drug test

What can show up as cocaine in a drug test?


Can you get herpes from someone on drugs?

You can get herpes from someone who has the infection. It can affect drug users and abstainers.

Why did Diego maradona take drugs?

He was found to have been taking Ephedrine and Cocaine at various stages in his career.

Is 9 days enough time for crack cocaine not to show in your system?

if you are taking this drug you really need to tell someone and if you are having a drug screening 9 days is probaly not enough time it would take about 12 minimum for the screener not to sence it sorry.

Where can someone find help for cocaine addictions?

Someone can find hep for cocaine addiction by visiting or calling Cottonwood Tucson Health Treatment Center. This center can provide help with drug addiction, alcoholism, and mood disorders.