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Q: Can you fake your ping in a game?
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How do you tell fake ping golf clubs?

To find a fake ping golf club check the serial numbers (if it has any) with ping themselves, or you can compare them to images of the ping website, Or post photos of the alleged fake item on GOLF WRX forums.

Where did ping pong game started?

The Ping Pong game was started in England.

What fake guy name does mulan use in the Disney classic Mulan?

Ping was the fake name she used.

How do you know ping putters are authentic?

Compare the picture of the model you have with one from the internet, there are clear differences between real and fake ones. Also Ping putter have a serial number engraved on the face or hosel, check this with Ping, or if it doesn't have one it is fake.

Is ping pong chess a game?

No, ping pong chess is not a game.wait, yes it is...

How does china sell ping golf clubs so cheap?

Because its fake

How would the game of ping pong be different if it was played in the matrix?

A game of ping pong in the matrix is not a real game. There is not even a video game with such name. A "ping pong in the matrix" is an act where two Japan men playing ping pong while making "matrix", the movie-like moves.

What equipment is necessary to play a game of ping pong?

To play a game of ping pong, one would need two ping pong paddles, a small ping pong ball, and a ping pong table with a net. One would also need two players who will play ping pong.

What is the ball called in the game of ping pong?

It has no special name, it is a ping pong ball.

Can you ping in blackberry curve?

yes it has a ping-pong game ..believe its called paddle

Is Matrix ping pong an online game?

"Matrix ping pong is definitely not an online game. It is a show in which, two Japanese people play ping pong, while moving in matrix like motions, thus making it matrix ping pong."

What is ping in wolfteam?

Ping is the transfer rate of your computers data to the game . e.g, gun swap, jump, move, shoot, etc. The higher a persons ping is, the higher the chances are of one to get kicked out of a game. (trust me, I've been there) Ping can be fixed by turning of the firewall and preventing an overlap with other players in the game. An overlap of firewalls is also known as a ping spike, where all the players ping numbers will skyrocket and hit very large numbers. Basically, the lower a players ping, the better. However, if another player joins or observes a game, it may scramble or alter the ping levels.

Is Pokemon darkcry a fake game?

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is a ultra fake game i ever seen.

Who invented the game of ping pong?

The British

Is Pokemon Emerald original or fake?

the game is fake

How do you make fake eyeballs?

look it up in google katieAnswer:Ping-pong balls are about the right size...

Was ping pong invented in England?

The game ping pong, or table tennis, started in England in the 1880s. Originally it was played by the wealthy as an after dinner parlour game. Since 1988, ping pong has been introduced as an Olympic sport.

What is the cheapist game ever?

It must be the Atari game called Ping-Pong

What s the national game of China?

Ping Pong is the national game of China.

Is World of Warcraft fake?

Of course it is fake, it is a video game.

What do Cheyenne Indians do for fun?

they play hoop and dart game and ring and ping game. Doesn't sound fun at this year... :( they play hoop and dart game and ring and ping game. Doesn't sound fun at this year... :(

What game is kindlemur on?

No game, its a fake pokemon.

How long is a ping pong game last?

it depends

How many points are there in a game of Ping Pong?


What Was Anne Franks favorite game?

Ping Pong.