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If I had sex the day before i got my period and just so hapen would have gotten pregnant. But then got my period the next day. Could i still be pregnant?

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Can you get pregnant the same week your period ends?

Yes you can get pregnant the same time your period ends. You can even get pregnant while you are on your period

Should a period come on the same day every month?

No it does not have to. Your period will come approximately every 28 days and it doesn't always have to fall on the exact same day every month.

Can you be on your period and have a miscarrige?

No, you can't be on your period and have a miscarriage at the same time. Menstruation only occurs when you do not fall pregnant, whereas miscarriage is a result of a pregnancy failing.

Can i get pregnant the same day you get off your period?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant directly after menstruation. If your cycle is especially short you may ovulate the day after your period, certainly you may be fertile during this time so could fall pregnant.

In early pregnancy can you be having your period symptoms but not your period?

im a month pregnant yes you can be pregnant and have your period symptoms but its not your period. when my period would come on i would have cramping and lower back pain. now that i am pregnant it feels the same way but a little more tense and i cant stand it

If you get pregnant two weeks before you are supposed to get your period will your period still come?

You will. I read in a book that if you get pregnancy during your period, it will keep on going, so I think its the same thing.

My last period was July 23 could i have been pregnant already?

if you have a regular cycle and this was a regular period same number of days and bleeding is the same as always. no u could have not gotten pregnant before July 23rd because if you were pregnant your period would not come on women with regular cycles typically ovulate 14 days before next cycle so this cuts ur period off.

If your period is light and different does that mean your pregnant?

possibly, but highly unlikely! You period will not always be exactly the same. It will not always come right on time, it may take a month off.

You feel nauseous but i started my period am i pregnant?

no. you cannot have your cycle and be pregnant at the same time.

Can you get your period n be pregnant?

i need to kno the same thing!

Are u supposed to miss your period the same month you have intercourse if your pregnant?

Most women miss there first months period after becoming pregnant. Some have their period throughout pregnancy.

Could a pregnancy test be negative and still be pregnant with your period?

you can not be pregnant at the same time you are having periods.

Can you get pregnant the same day you get your period.So say if you had the sex and then you got your period right after?

I think that the answer should be no. there can be no periods on the same day on which you dot pregnant..

Can you get pregnant while on your period and making out with my boyfriend?

Ignore that first answer. You CAN get pregnant on your period... but not while making out, unless you're having sex at the same time. Just making out can't get you pregnant at all.

Your period hasn't come in 2 months I am a virgin but have been near pre-ejaculate could I be pregnant?

It depends on what you mean by "near" pre-ejaculate. In the same room or in the same pants.

Where does the phrase fall in come from?

"Fall In" is short for "Fall into Formation". Same for "Fall Out". Not sure who originated the longer version of the phrase.

Is it possible that you can be pregnant and menstruate at the same time?

I had three period when I was pregnant with my first so it is possible but very rare! :-)

Do femail guinea pigs get period?

Guinea pigs do have periods but not in the same way as humans. The main difference is that no blood will come out of a female guinea pig whilst on its period. Also, Guinea Pigs only have a human-like period while they are pregnant.

Can a dog get pregnant when on their period?

uhh.. no they can't because they're on their period. Its the same cycle as with a human being. =S

Is discharge the same before you get your period and when you are pregnant?

No, when you are pregnant you tend to get more discharge then normally. And at the end of your pregnancy you get alot of discharge.

What if your period switch up days every month how do you know if you are pregnant?

It's normal for the length of a woman's period to vary from month to month. Anthing between about 26 days to 35 days between the first day of one period and the first day of the next period is normal. It is not reasonable to expect your period to come on the same day every month. You know if you are pregnant if your period is a week late and your pregnancy test is positive.

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