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Q: Can you feed milk to a hermit crab?
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What can a Hermit Crab eat?

You can feed a hermit crab soft fruits and veggies

Can you over feed a hermit crab?

No, you can't. I have a hermit crab and I feed him a lot. Your hermit crab will eat what he wants to eat, he won't eat more just because you give him more.

Can you feed your hermit crab bananas?

yes! you can feed your hermit crab grapes, bananas, sliced apples, and small pieces of broccoli

What do baby hermit crabs eat?

Baby hermit crabs will feed on plankton until they have grown enough to resemble a hermit crab, when they will start to feed on a normal hermit crab diet.

Can you feed your hermit crab spoiled watermelon?


Can you feed a Fiddler crab hermit crab food?

No are you trying to kill it

What do you feed a fiddler crab?

leaves but you can do the hermit crab diet too

How often should you feed a hermit crab?

Every day! :0) Love, Hermit crab lover 101

Can you feed your hermit crab grapes?

you can't they will die

Can you feed a hermit crab chocolate?

no u cant

What should you feed your hermit crab?

You can feed your hermit crab a variety of foods, you can feed them Carrots, Crackers, Apples, Peanut Butter, Regular Store Bought Crab Food, Cucumbers, many fruits and vegtables.

How can you tell if your hermit crab has died?

A hermit crab has died if you smell dead fish and you didnt feed them sea food.

What do people feed hermit crabs?

You can buy hermit crab food in pet stores.

Can a red clawed crab survive if you feed it hermit crab food?

Yes they are scranvengers

What will happen if you feed a hermit crab human food?

it dies

Do you crack the egg and then feed it to hermit crab?

no thats crazy

What do you feed baby hermit crabs?

You give them the food you would give to a grown hermit crab.

Can you feed hermit crabs baby shrimp?

I wouldn't. Just feed them regular hermit crab food you find at a pet store.

How do you feed popcorn to a hermit crab?

you should not feed hermit crabs popcorn because the butter and salt is bad for them and will probably kill them

How often do you feed a hemit crab?

You should feed your hermit crab everyday and give it lettuce and fruits as well as pellet food.

If you find a hermit crab in the ocean what should you feed it?

we do not know sorry about that.

Can you feed crawfish hermit crab pellets?

yes cause they are related

What can hermit crabs eat at Thangsgiving dinner?

you can feed your hermit crab some veggies and fruits but not turkey

Can you feed a hermit crab grass from your front lawn?

No because the grass will contain a large number of viruses and bacteria, which will cause infection to the hermit crab.

Can you feed your hermit crab a cherrie?

Yes you can feed a hermit crab a cherry.Only if you take the hard part in the middle out.and if you cut it into small pieces.Because they are scavengers,they will eat anything.Thank you and I am happy to help.