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Can you feed mosquito fish fish food?


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No you cannot feed mosquito fish fish food because it will dye.These fish don't need feeding because they feed off of a plant called Elodea and mosquito larva which they get their name from. So if you want another fish friend to dye don't feed mosquito fish fish food and give them lots of open space:]:]:]

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Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

Mosquitofish (one word) is a nickname giving to a species of fish (Gambusia) that feed on mosquito larvae and pupae.

Yes. Mosquito, then fish, then bear.

In captivity the owner has to feed the fish. In the wild the fish hide and hunt. They eat small water born crustacea like daphnia and insect larvae such as mosquito larvae..

normal fish food or mosquito larvae.

no it is not it depinds what food you feed. like if you feed it other fish it is poisonous if its not cooked thats my answer

Mosquitoes feed by their proboscis.

Mosquito babies or meal worms

It depends to what type of fish food.

You can feed them most fish food, they aren't picky like betas.

To keep a good balance give them a high quality flake food or pellet everyday. Feed brine shrimp (either live or frozen) or blood worms as a treat. You can even feed them lettuce or spinach. Feed mosquito larvae sparingly as they will tend to overeat it, which could kill them.Angelfish eat the average fish food. If you have a fish store near you, go and ask a employee to direct you to the fish food section. And you will probably find a can of fish food with an Angelfish on it. Good luck!Angelfish are omnivorous, but in captivity they should be fed a variety of flakes, pellets and frozen food.flake food,pellet,brine shrimp,blood worms,lettuce,spinach,mosquitoalotThey are omnivorous; so they eat algae, zooplankton, and small crustaceans and eats pelets and flakes flake fish food. the plants in their environment

Mosquito fish are fish that will eat mosquito larva as fast as they can hatch. This is what a female fish looks like: And this is what a male mosquito fish looks like:

I would have to get to your place and access your fish to feed them by adding suitable fish food to the surface of their container.

yes,they will eat anything. they are like pirhance.we dont feed ours.we just let them

yes, crayfish do eat fish food. i feed my crayfish fish food all the time

You should feed your fish about a pinch of food once a day.

Fish food... Available from pet shops

Yes, but its not healthy for fish

Yes they will eat anything. They are like little Pirhanas. We dont feed ours. We just let them eat the tadpoles and dead yabbies and the fish poo etc. Ours is a self supporting aquarium. Mosquito fish are well suited to this. When tank gets scarce, we just take the scoop net to the swamp and catch some more.

yes you can and they eat them up like hot cakes.

i feed mine the fish food you get in the market

A mosquito fish mainly feeds on mosquito larvae in the wild but in captivity a mosquito fish eats it's fry or leaves off of plants

no, fish cannot make their own food. please feed your fish.

I feed about 3 in the morning and 3 at night. My betta fish is a happy fish =]

u see a food then drAG IT OUT

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