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Q: Can you feed your goat cauliflower?
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What to feed a pygmy goat?

We feed our pygmy goats Noble Goat. You can get it at Tractor Supply.

Can you feed goat to a deer?

no you can not feed deer to a goat it would just probably die.

How much should you feed a baby pygmy goat?

you feed a baby pygmy goat about how much you think it should need and it is what the owner says when you get a baby goat.

What should you feed your pet goat?

I feed my pet goat dead flies covered in cranberry jam. They love it!

How many heads of cauliflower to feed 100 people?

You need about 25 pounds of cauliflower. - You can't measure it by heads, they are all different

What to feed an injured young deer?

Goat feed.

How do you get a drunk goat out of your living room?

Either get the goat by the horns and pull it out or get some feed in a bucket to bribe the goat out. Why are you letting your goat get drunk?

Can you feed your goat kid human baby formula?

It would have different formulations - it is preferable to feed your goat kid specifically produced goat milk formula or if you can't get that full cream powdered milk.

How Can YoumUse Goat In A Sentence?

There are several ways the word goat can be used in a sentence. One sentence with the word goat is " Henry had to feed the goat after school."

Can you feed a goat too much?

Yes, it is important to regulate the feed that a goat will consume. They are able to have a free choice hay, however, it is best to feed grains morning and night so that they do not bloat.

Why would a goat lose weight if they moved to your farm and is now on a different feed?

You answered your own question. New home, new feed. Try different feed, or the goat will get sicker and sicker

What to feed goat?

Hay and grain.

What do you feed a newborn pygmy goat abandoned by mother?

Warm, but not hot goat milk from a bottle.

Can you use baby formula to feed newborn baby goats?

No, it is designed for humans and does not have the nutrition that a goat needs. You'll need to buy goat formula at the feed store.

What is in goat feed?

Hay, Oats, and grain.

Can you use a goat to feed and orphaned foal?

You can use a goat to raise an orphan foal, at least partially. However, the goat may not produce enough milk as the foal grows and there is a difference in the amount of fat in the milk of goat and horse. Also, it gets tough for the foal to nurse from the tiny goat as it grows. You may prefer to milk out the goat and feed the foal by hand. I would suggest that you feed at least partially with a mare's milk supplement available from your feed store to make sure the foal gets the proper nutrition. Leave the goat in with the foal. Goats make lovely companions for horses and your foal needs a companion as much as milk.

What to feed a dog on a raw food diet?

ok you can feed chicken meat or goat meat.

How much should you feed your goat?

a goat should have hay all the time ,and grain at least one a day

What will happen to a goat if you feed it french fries?

Nothing spectacular. The goat's digestive track should be able to handle fried potato.

What do you feed newborn pygmy goats?

goat milk

How old should a baby goat be when buying a goat?

It depends on whether you can bottle feed the kid or not - if you do not wish to bottle feed then I would wait until it is weaned or at least 13 weeks old.

Can goats eat a feed with a high tolerance of copper?

Yes. Unlike sheep, goats actually need copper in their diet. Goat feed usually includes copper, as do goat-specific mineral blocks.

Is feed a verb?

yes. i am going to feed you. but, it can be used as a noun. dont buy some goat feed.

What do you feed lizards?

Crickets, Saw dust worms, and lots of vegetables such as, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.

How long after birth does a goat feed her babies?

69 years.