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Yes, you can even fit it bread


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depends if it is small,no.older ones have to have it be softend up. 3 to 4 years are good times to feed them whole Cheerios without anything done to it.

i feed my guinea pig fruit and vegs.

I feed my guinea pig all vegies & fruit daily + Its specil guinea Pig fod

You can over feed a guinea pig with everything.

You can feed you guinea pig watermelon skin.

You can feed them both guinea pig food. Don't feed the guinea pig the rabbit food or it will be sick. Rabbits are ok on guinea pig food.

I need to feed my guinea pig.

No, get guinea pig food for guinea pigs.

You can feed your guinea pig timothy hay cubes. It is good for their teeth.

guinea pig food =] muslie or nuggets

yes.kale is a good treat for your guinea pig.

No. Search online, Guinea Pig Diet.

I fed my guinea pig with other guinea pigs. lol, cannibal guinea pig

Do not feed your guinea pig nuts. It is one of the things on this list not to feed your guinea pig. See related link below for a list of what guinea pigs can and cannot eat.

no.. depending on the guinea pig wether they'll eat it or not

No, Guinea pigs are vegetarians.

no, you should not feed your guinea pig beetroot leaves.

Feed a guinea pig Nutriphase guinea pig food, and a cup of daily greens. P.S. Go to my profile and please recommend me!! Thanks!

you should give them none. it will make them sick.

No. Cardboard is not a dietary requirement for your Guinea pig and can even make him/her sick. Be carful what you feed your guinea pig e.g. DO NOT feed them lettuce.

Yes. Most types of fruit are fine for a guinea pig to eat.

The ASPCA suggests that you should feed your guinea pig twice daily.

NO they need guinea pig food and they need fruits and veggies everydqy.

Your guinea pig can eat banana. They will also choose to eat banana skin.

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