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No, you would not feel an earthquake in the air for a few reasons. The only physical connection between the airplane and the ground while flying is air. Air is a gas. A gas can be compressed so it will act like a buffer and absorb the shock waves. Also being high in the atmosphere, you are far away from the earth, which is quaking so there is a lot of air between you to absorb the quake. Plus as you go up in the atmosphere, the air gets thinner so there's less air to vibrate. Just to give you an example, even if you held a seismograph a few inches off the ground, it wouldn't detect anything. Now if a highly sensitive piece of equipment couldn't feel it, you're safe in the air.

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Can you feel an earthquake while flying?


Could people feel an earthquake if you were in an airplane?

no, if you are not touching the ground, you will not feel it.

Would it be a relief if you were in an airplane and found out there was an earthquake on the ground?

If you are flying in an airplane when an earthquake occurs, you will not feel it. It would be a relief to take off right before an earthquake struck the place you departed from, assuming you don't have any relatives or friends to worry about. Once airborne, your plane will still need a safe place to land, however.

Why don't you feel the speed of the airplane when flying?

Because Of The Cabin Pressure

Can you feel an earthquake if your in an airplane?

No you can only see the plate tecktonics moving the ground.

What does flying in an airplane feel like?

it feels sickish in your stomach at first but then it feels fun

Can you feel the winds in an airplane if flying over tropical storm Lee?

"No", would be the short answer.

Can you feel an earthquake while in a boat?

yes because you can feel the vibrations in the water while you are in a boat

Can you feel an earthquake in the ocean while on a boat?


What is the drag of an airplane?

The drag of an airplane is the air resistance caused by the plane flying through air. Similar to when you pull your hand through water and feel resistance.

How does a rc airplane simulator work?

A RC simulator is a combination of computer graphics and mechanical mechanisms that allows you to simulate the actual look and feel of flying an airplane.

Can you feel an earthquake in a cavern while under ground?


What made Jonas feel apprehensive in the giver?

seeing the airplane/jet or whatever it was flying, meaning someone was getting released

How did Amelia Earhart feel about fling her first airplane by her self?

flying is the corrrect spelling not "fling" which is fling as in having an affair!!

Can you feel an earthquake while you are outside?

Yes but if it is a small earthquake you are less likely to notice it because you are probably moving at the time.

Can you feel and earthquake while boating?

yes, even on a lake there may be a tsunami wave

Why do some people not feel an earthquake but a seismograph does?

because the seismograph is a machine or Thing that can feel and sometimes see and earthquake while humans cant because we dont have super hearing lik a seismograph does.

When do you feel an earthquake?

You can feel a earthquake when you can feel the floor start to vibrate. You can also feel it because you feel lots of pressure coming down on you,and your body can feel that. Some people even feel a earthquake from a mile away.

When birds feel colder flying or sitting?

Birds feel colder when they are flying

Why do you not feel weightless if flying in a large airplane at a high altitute but if you were in an orbiting spacecraft you would constantly feel weightless?

That's because an orbiting spacecraft is constantly falling, but ... let's hope ... the aircraft you're riding in is not.

How do eagles feel when they are flying?

an eagle when they are flying

What force do people feel when two plates jerk into a new position?

They can actually feel the earthquake.

Can you feel an earthquake on a plane?

No. An earthquake can only be felt when on the ground.

How do you feel after an earthquake?

It would feel not cool but scary.

What do you feel when an earthquake happens?

you feel a lot of shaking