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Can you feel conception?

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Conception is when the sperm fertilizes the egg. This generally happens inside the Fallopian tubes within a few days of intercourse. You can't feel this cellular event.

while you may not feel conception itself many women report flu like symptoms days after conception...then when they miss their periods they put two and two together and realize it was Morning Sickness after conception

Sometimes you will have very light implantation bleeding when the egg attaches to the uterine lining.

2015-07-15 21:05:40
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Yes, I did every time...sorry naysayers, but I know my body

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Q: Can you feel conception?
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Can you feel the conception happen right after he goes inside you?

NO, No body can feel conception.

Can you feel pain with conception?

No, not normally

Is it possible to feel sign of pregnancy 7 days after conception?

No I disagree...I think that you can feel mild symptoms 7 days after conception. Every woman is different!

Can You Feel Nausea eighteen Days After Conception?

yes u can some people get sympyoms with in days of conception

What does your cerix feel like after conception?

No different to normal

Can you feel the egg attach to the uterus wall after conception?


Can you feel your baby in the first month of conception?

No you cannot

What do you feel during conception?

neither persons will feel anything out of the ordinary. It would feel the same as normal intercourse.

What symptoms can you get on the first day of conception?

It is very unlikely to have any symptoms on the first day of conception. If you do feel sick or something it is coincidental.

How soon after conception do you feel sick?

2 years 2 years

Could you be feeling stomach pains 5 days after conception?

Yes, but technically you could also feel stomach pains before conception

Can you feel when you have concieved?

A woman cannot feel when she has conceived. There are, however, many indications of pregnancy that will be experienced a short time after conception.

Can you feel the baby's heart beat 2 weeks after conception?

No.. Heartbeat comes around 6th week

Why do babies like sleeping on their mothers stomachs?

Because it makes them feel secure, They can feel the warmth and hear the the rhythm of the heartbeat, something they lived with since conception.

Do you feel anything after conception?

Yes you can feel the cervix close it generally takes place a few hours after sex. It feels like a cramp then goes away.

How early can you feel the symptoms of pregnancy after conception?

For me within the first 2 weeks... wayyy before my missed period

What does your stomach feel like after about a week within conception?

it souldnt feel any different it is to soon for the baby to grow to considerably, you may notice some cramoing but it isn't to likely

Can you feel anything physical such as sudden cramps at the moment of or in the days after conception?

Nothing physical will be felt until the 2nd or sometimes 3rd month of pregnancy. There is nothing physical there until 14 days after conception when a Embryo has formed.

Can you still feel ovulation pain at the same time you get pregnant?

Almost. Usually conception occurs just after the pain subsides.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms as early as 3 days after conception?

You can definitely feel "different" right after conception. Symptoms usually take a little more time to come up, tender breasts, mood swings, nausea but both times I've been pregnant right after conception I felt al little off.

What do you feel two days after sex or conception I had lower back pain minor abdominal cramps and one side of my breast felt really heavy and lately i have been really tired am I pregnant?

You will not feel when conception occur. It happens around 3 days after sex. You might've felt ovulation pain. Pregnancy symptoms like breasts feeling bigger etc wont be noticed until weeks or months after conception. Take a test to know.

Can your uterus feel swollen and fluttery within a week of conception?

No. You are probably experiencing some sort of anxiety over becoming pregnant.

Does the Immaculate Conception refer to the Conception of Mary or Mary's Conception of Jesus Christ?

The Immaculate Conception does refer to the conception of Mary in Roman Catholic teaching. It means that unlike the rest of humanity, she was not conceived with original sin.

Can a woman feel pregnant in seven days?

Every pregnancy is different. Some women feel pregnant almost immediately upon conception, and some feel nothing until they're giving birth to the child. It is very possible to feel pregnant seven days into your pregnancy.

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