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Can you file a workmens comp claim for emotional stress due to a hostile work environment?

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What is the difference between external stress and emotional stress?

External is out side emotional is in

Does The heartbeat slows in reaction to emotional stress?

The heartbeat slows in reaction to emotional stress.

How do you control emotional stress?

You control the emotional stress by taking charge of your thoughts and emotions.

What is emotional tension?

Emotional tension is stress

What part of speech is stress?

The word stress is a noun. Stress is an emotional pressure. Stress can also be a verb meaning to apply emotional pressure to someone.

What Is The Definition Of A Physical Stress?

Whats is Emotional Stress?

What is the difference in psychological stress and emotional stress?

Psychological Stress is from the mind and emotional stress is caused by the psychological stress. If you read the book Dianetics it will really answer how your mind works, where stress comes from and how to permanantly get rid of stress and depression, etc.

What is the difference between emotional and physical stress?

One of the most effective ways for people in Calgary

What effect does stress have on emotional health?

Stress is one of the most negative impacts on a body. It Detroits the emotional health of a person.

What do emotional problems lead to?


Do dentist get physical or emotional stress?

Yes. Dentists are normal human beings so it is possible for dentists to have physical or emotional stress.

Can you receive workmens comp for mental injury caused by a hostile work environment?

Eligible for compensation. Preexisting conditions that the work place acclerates or aggravates. Mental and physical strain by increased work duties or work related stress. Demands of the job and a supervisor's constant harassment. An attorney can explain what you can expect at every step of the claims process.In the UK you can receive compensation from your employer for industrial stress in the workplace. It is not easy however to prove an employer's responsibility for this so you would need to speak to a solicitor to assess your particular circumstances.

What are emotional surroundings?

Emotional surroundings are the factors in your environment that have an emotional effect on you. They can include sounds, scents, textures, situations, or anything else that cause an emotional response. Some people keep the scent of lavender in their bedrooms because it is said to relieve stress. The scent would be part of their emotional surroundings. A crying baby on a plane could cause more stressful emotional surroundings.

Can your heart burst due to emotional stress or stress of any kind?

yes it can

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Why do you cry when you cry?

Because of emotional stress

Why is sex so addicting along with the emotional stress afterwards?

It is mood-altering. If you have emotional stress after sex, you should consider speaking with a therapist. Sex is supposed to be fun.

What is coping with stress?

Coping with stress is the ability to handle stress without breaking under its pressure. Stress is generally characterized as emotional and physical tension.

Why psychological factors affect reading?

Reading requires total detachment from the surrounding environment without any conflict between the rational consciousness in stress and the sub conscious emotional stress that are a setback to concentration and may affect ones reading.

Can holding in stress be destructive to your Mental and Emotional Health?

This is my personal answer. Yes definitely, holding back stress does not only effect mental and emotional health but it also can effect your physical health as well. Find a way to release stress if you can!

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What emotional stress problems do marine biologist have?

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think about hitting yourself in the face.

Does weed cause emotional stress?

it causes symptoms with the brain