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Of course you can, because Styrofoam can float on top of water for a long time. A lot of newer boats have Styrofoam in the bottom for added buoyancy if you do add it to your boat, be sure that there is no moisture in the bottom of boat when you do it if not completely dry , moisture will be trapped and eventually rot any wood that was used in the boat's construction.

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When first put in water a plastic toy boat will sink until?

You fill the bottom of the boat with water

How can you separate a mixture of sand and Styrofoam?

You pour the sand and Styrofoam mixture into the a glass of water. Then the sand will sink to the bottom and the Styrofoam will float that is how you separate a sand and Styrofoam mixture

How much does it cost to fill a boat?

Fill it with what?

Would a ship loaded with a cargo of Styrofoam sink deeper into water or rise in water?

sink as much as the boat and the styrofoam weighs. this is because the styrofoam is not making any contact with the sea and is not under the the ship and supporting it.

What does it mean when a boat swamps?

= '''to sink or fill (a boat) with water''' =

What is a flat- bottom boat?

I'm guessing it's a boat with a flat bottom.

What is the duration of The Glass Bottom Boat?

The duration of The Glass Bottom Boat is 1.83 hours.

Does the amount of water affect the way a boat floats?

A boat will float sideways if the water is too shallow and it touches bottom. Boats will float higher in water with greater salt content. If you fill a boat with water it begins to sink deeper. It all depends on whether you are talking about water outside the boat or water inside the boat.

Where is the keel of a boat?

on the bottom

How much fluid goes in a np 241 transfer case?

Fill level is to the bottom of the fill plug hole, approx 2 quarts.Fill level is to the bottom of the fill plug hole, approx 2 quarts.

What size styrofoam boat will go the fastest?

the thinner one because it can cut through water faster

How do you fill with fluid mercury trim motor?

To fill your Mercury Outboard Trim boat motor, lower your engine to a 45 degree angle, Make sure your boat is level. Remove fill screw, and add the amount of fluid required to fill.

What is the bottom of a boat called?


Where is the Titanic boat?

at the bottom of the ocean!!

Why if a boat has a hole it will slowly sink?

Because of the water having to fill the boat up to sink it

Name for a flat bottom boat?

PuntBargeTrowJon Boat

What supplies are needed for shipping fragile packages?

When shipping fragile packages, it is important to use styrofoam, packing peanuts, and bubblewrap. Fill hollow areas with the packing peanuts and wrap the item in bubblewrap that has not been popped. Use the styrofoam to fill the remainder of the box.

What is the term for the depth of water needed to float a boat clear of bottom?

The distance between the bottom and the keel of a boat is the draught (British English).

Location of transmission dip stick on 2003 range rover TD6?

They don't have one! They have a drain plug at the bottom and a fill hole on the side. You need to fill to the bottom of the fill hole.

Why are heavy loads kept at the bottom of a ship or boat?

In the ship or boat the reason why a heavy load is kept at the bottom is to maintain a low center of gravity. This will keep the ship or boat from toppling over.

How do you spell styrofoam?

The correct spelling is 'styrofoam'.

What happens if you don't ventilate your boat after fueling?

Gas fumes will stay in the bottom of the boat.

Where is the rudder on a boat?

t is at the back bottom.

What is a flat bottom boat in Louisiana?


What things take the longest break down in a landfill?

Styrofoam it takes thousands of years to breack down in a land fill