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Can you find a Pokemon level 100 in a Pokemon game?

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No, unless you have an action replay. You can also raise a Pokemon up to level 100.

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Can you find Pokemon over level 100 like on Pokemon red?

if the game has a glitch

Where can you find a level 100 Pokémon in Pokémon emerald?

You can't find level 100 Pokemon you have to train a Pokemon to that level yourself.

What city in Pokemon black can you find a level 100 Pokemon?

You can't find any level 100 Pokemon in any Pokemon games without hacking.

Can you level up a Pokemon over level 100 once you beat the game?

no you can't 100 is the highest level on all Pokemon games

Whereare lv 100 Pokemon?

You can't catch Level 100 Pokemon in any Pokemon game. The highest catching Level in Pokemon is Level 80. You need to raise your Pokemon to Level 100 or trade for a Level 100 Pokemon to get one. You can also challenge Level 100 Pokemon, but only in the organized challenges of the Pokemon games (i.e. Battle Tower, Trainer Tower).

Is there a code for diamond to catch level 120 Pokemon?

There is no such code for that. The game can only allow you to have Pokemon up to level 100. No Pokemon over level 100 exists.

What is the highest level you can get to on Pokemon darkness?

just like in an other pokemon game, level 100

How do you get level 100 in Pokemon FireRed?

Answer to fire red Pokemon gameCATCH 100 DIFFERENT KINDS OF POKEMON

Where do you find raquazza at the pal park?

you must capture requaza on emerald and insert your game into the bottom of your game and go to pal park with level 100 Pokemon in your party (ALL level 100 in party)

Is there cheats for tpmrpg?

a easier way of leveling up is below! Pokemon level 1-30 find a level 50 Pokemon Pokemon level 31-100 find a level 100 Pokemon Pokemon level 101-200 fight a level 200 Pokemon Pokemon level 201-300 fight a level 300 Pokemon and so on... WARNING YOU MUST DO THIS ON VERY EASY!!

Is there a cheat so you can find level 100 Pokemon?


Highest level of Pokemon?

it depends on the game it is lvl 100

Where can you find a level 100 Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

You cannot catch level 100 Pokémon, but you can battle them at the battle frontier.

What is the maximum level for a Pokemon?

ITS OVER 9000! Not really, the Maximum Level a Pokemon can reach is 100. ----- Unless you're talking glitches. Then you can find them at levels over 100. But they could mess up your game because they are NOT supposed to be that high.

How do you get a level 100 pokemon in the wild?

I have got level 100 pokemon by cheats.On my AceKard there are cheats for every game including Pokemon Pearl.All I do is get the XP and Rare Candy codes and then I play and get the Level 100 pokemon. But I don't know how to help others with it unless we trade.

Are there level 100 wild Pokemon?

No, there are not level 100 wild Pokemon. The highest wild Pokemon level is 50, and that's about it. The developers didn't want to make the game impossible, so they kept the levels to a minimum.

What is the game shark code for catching a level 100 Pokemon when fishing Pokemon ruby?

Master Code (Must Be On): 0000B138000A 1003A82A0007 Level 100 Wild Pokemon DAA1E752DFE3 879E208E3C37

How do you get a Pokemon over 100?

You can't, level 100 is the highest level you can get in any legitimate Pokémon game.

How do you chach level 100 Pokemon in the wild?

you must have the action replay enter the code start the game and press and hold select and you will find any lvl 100 Pokemon if you don't find then tou puted the code wrong

How can you find a leveil 100?

You train your Pokemon to lvl 100 or you can find some at the battle frontier in the place where you rent Pokemon and select open level in Pokemon platinum

How can you bypass level 100 in Pokemon pearl?


How do you level up your Pokemon without a level 100 or cheats on soul silver?

train in wild Pokemon battles through out the game

What do you recommend for a Pokemon team in Pokemon soulsilver?

I recommend a level 100 lugia or ho-oh,a level 100 raiko,a level 100 arceus ,level 100 of any of the starters,level 100 scizor, and a level 100 of any Pokemon you choose

How do you get level 100 Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

you7 should train your Pokemon to get a level 100.

Action replay code Pokemon sapphire bigger level Pokemon than 100?

you cant unless you have every Pokemon in da game on lvl 100