Can you find out if a gun is stolen threw a 4 digit code on the trigger?

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Only if the code is a LEA evidence number and it is still in the database. Regardless, you will have to take it to a LEA to find out.
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How can you find out if a gun is stolen?

Call your local law enforcement office and ask them to run it through NCIC for you. They will need the serial number, manufacturer, model, and caliber. This is important, since the same number may have been used by different manufacturers. In some cases you will be required to take the gun to the la ( Full Answer )

How do you find stolen gun serial numbers?

Was thinking of buying a used firearm to defend my home from invasion. But how do I know if its stolen? Call your local police department and have them check it in NCIC. You may have to bring it in so they can confiscate it if it is stolen.

If you ask the police to find out if the gun is stolen and it is can you get in trouble if you just bought it?

If you just bought it and ask the police to check it and then it turns out to be stolen, in all likelihood you'd be in no trouble at all; you're just trying to verify the gun is clean. If it does turn out to be stolen, however, the police have to confiscate the gun, so you'd be out whatever you paid ( Full Answer )

Where online can you find out if a gun has been stolen?

Stolen Gun? \n. \nProbably not online, but any local police station can run the serial number and tell you. If it did turn up stolen, you wouldn't be in any trouble, but you would lose the gun.

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My gun was stolen how can i find it?

The first thing you need to do is report the theft to the police immediately. Next, contact every pawn shop and gun store in your area and give them a description, the serial number, and if you have one, a picture of the gun. A flyer of some sort is probably the best way to accomplish this. Finally ( Full Answer )

How do i find out what serial number is on my gun that was stolen?

Depends on where you bought the gun. If from a store they should have the info. It might even be on your receipt. If you bought at pawn shop they usually include that info on the receipt. If you bought from individual and your state doesnt require registration you're out of luck.

Can you use a gun serial number to find your lost or stolen gun takin by a family member?

It really depenends. If you purchased the rile knew the guns serial number should be registered to you wether it be with SLED or even on your receipt. If your firearm was stolen then you should have filed a police report so whenever it turns up in a drug raid or something or even if your familiy mem ( Full Answer )

How can you find out if a gun you purchased was stolen?

You can contact your local law enforcement agency and request that they run the serial number through the FBI's NCIC (National Crime Information Center) database. If the firearm was stolen in the state of Florida it may be listed in the Florida Crime Information System's PAS Database.

How do you find out if gun is stolen?

Every Police agency in the United States should have computer access to the Federal Data base that contains a list of all known stolen firearms. So if you would like to buy a specific gun write down the serial number and take it to your local police department and tell then that you are looking to b ( Full Answer )

If you find a gun in Iowa and turn in and its not stolen is there any you can keep it?

To establish a prima facie case of ownership as the finder of any personal property in Iowa, you must show that 1) the claimant (you) was the finder of personal property and 2) the property was lost. In some cases, it may also be necessary to show that the finder acquired title by following pro ( Full Answer )

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Find out if your gun is stolen?

Contact your local law enforcement. They can check to see if the serial number has been entered as a stolen item. IF there is a report, the officer will need to retain the gun to return it to the owner. They WILL need to have the gun in hand to do this, not over the phone.

Your father passed away and left a gun you want to find out if it is stolen or registared to him What do you do?

Contact local law enforcement, explain the situation, and they can check to see if the firearm is listed as stolen on the NCIC system. MOST states do not require registration of firearms (except for machine guns and similar items) You did not say what state you are in- so we can't guess. Again, loca ( Full Answer )

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Can you find out if the hand gun i have is stolen using serial number?

No- because that is in a database not open to the public. However, a law enforcement officer CAN access that information. They will want to have the firearm in hand when they do it, in the event it IS stolen, they will return it to the rightful owner.

How can a stolen gun be found once its stolen?

Wait for it to get flagged when it is bought/sold or wait for someone to get caught with it by the police. The police typically check the serial number of a gun when it is found or somehow involved in a crime or traffic stop.

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How can you find the serial number to a gun that you bought new and got stolen from you?

You canj go back and talk with the dealer you bought the gun from- if they are still in business They WILL need to know when you bought the gun. Dealers maintain records of sales for 20 years per Federal law. Next time, have an inventory with serial numbers and pictures. Added: If you bought it ( Full Answer )

Who goes to jail if the cops find a stolen gun in your home?

It depends on the circumstances. If you can prove that you didn't steal the gun with an alibi that says you were definitely somewhere else when the robber took the gun and stashed it at your house, then if they catch the robber, you don't go to jail. If, however, you don't have an alibi, then you mi ( Full Answer )

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