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No, you can't. They have set schedules where the university assigns your class schedule for you.

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go to school during summer, or choose a different job, to become like a surgeon or doctor you have to go to school for a certin amount of time to get like a degree

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Q: Can you finish law school or med school early a lot early?
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Do kids in Africa go to school?

Yes, but a lot never get to finish school.

Finish Early?

One way to reduce the costs of a bachelor's degree is by taking as many credits as possible in a semester. By taking a lot of credits in a semester, a student can ultimately finish his or her degree and graduate early. A student may be able to save a year's worth of tuition by graduating early.

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What cheap ways can I get basic law enforcement training?

Law enforcement training is cheap if you join the law enforcement academy early before college. This gives you a chance to gain experience and will be a lot cheaper.

What subjects are done when studying law?

There are no prerequisite subjects required for admission to law school.

Is public school responsible when pedestrian injured by vehicle on school parking lot driveway?

This is not as simple as a yes or no. It depends on the circumstances and relevant state law.

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How many years do you have to speand in law school to be a layer?

In the US, full-time law school takes 3 years to complete. But you must have finished your undergrad degree in order to go to law school. So normally, you will need to spend 7 years in higher education in the US to become a lawyer. You will also need to pass the bar exam of the state that you wish to practice in after you finish law school. Please note, the time it takes to become a lawyer varies a lot from country to country. In most European countries, for example, students who wish to become lawyers specialize in the law during their undergraduate education. There is no "law school" after college. Instead, law is a major in college. In most of these countries, earning your law degree takes 5 years and then law graduates must spend 2-3 years in a traineeship with a law firm or other legal organization afterwards (and pass an exam similar to the bar) in order to become full lawyers.

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