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Q: Can you fit a Peugeot 206 gti throttle body on a Peugeot 206 1.6 xs?
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Will a peugeot 206 body kit fit on a pegeot 206 gti?

yes the kit will fit a 206 gti, the outside (shell) are the same the difference is in engine and interior mods the kit will fit !

Does a peugeot 206 space saver wheel fit a peugeot 207cc?


Do Peugeot 106 alloys fit on Peugeot 206 wheels?


Will the bonnet wings and bumper off a peugeot 206 2.0 hdi fit on a peugeot 206 look 1.1?

Very simple answer, yes

How do you fit a fan belt on a peugeot 206 GTI?


Can you fit a peugeot 207 2.0 liter HDI fuel pump to a peugeot 206 2.0 liter HDI?


Will dump valve fit a peugeot 206 1.1?

No you, need to have a turbo in order to fit a dump valve

How do you change Brake pad change on a Peugeot expert?

how to remove and fit rear brake shoes on a peugeot 206 1.1

Will any other make of car wheel fit your peugeot 206?


What is the headlight setting height for peugeot 206?

That large tag on the headlight bulb for the 206 should it fit to the top or the bottom when fitted

Would Peugeot 206 wheels fit a Peugeot 306?

the studs are the same 4x100, whether the offset is correct i dont know, i have seen 206 gti wheels on a 306 dturbo before though

Would a Double DIN stereo fit in a peugeot 206?

Only if you modify the car

How much to fit a new exhaust system to Peugeot 206 1.4?

Your looking at £70 to £80 easy

Can you fit a turbo to 1.1 liter peugeot 206?

With enough money and will power, you can turbo any engine that produces exhaust.

How do you fit a peugeot 206 fuel injector?

you have to take the injector rail off. this is located behind the coil pack. then they just pull out.

Can the motor of a 97 crown Victoria fit into the body of a 95?

no,they don't fit. They have a different throttle body fitting.

Do Peugeot 206 wheels fit Peugeot partner vans?

Yes, there pcd are the same but depending on what tyres are fitted, theycould rub on the inside arch (especially the rears) as the offset is different and the whole wheel is set in nearer towards the center of the car.

Will a Y8 throttle body fit on a Z6 intake manifold?

No it will not, The intakes are different.

Does a peugeot 306 diesel engine fit a peugeot 206?

Probably could make it fit with a lot of work. Its not something i would do though, far too much to convert. As well as the engine you will need custom engine mounts, new fuel tank, fuel lines, engine wiring harness, engine ecu, display clocks. Upon this you have the fact that the 206 is a multiplexed wiring system with lots of control ECUs, so getting it to integrate with the older 306 ecu etc(if at all possible), would not be too simple. ALL THIS IS IF THE ENGINE AND GEARBOX EVEN FIT!!!! If you want my opinion, as a Peugeot technician for years, dont bother even trying.

Will a 5.0 throttle body fit on a 1990 mustang hatchback 4 cylinder?

no... silly

Will a 1988 350 throttle body engine fit in a 94 chevy 3500?

Yes it will.

Will a 206 2.0 hdi engine fit a Peugeot expert?

Depends on what years the car and van are on but the majority of peugeot hdi's used the same block and heads and all had the RHY engine code (also knows as dw10td engines). If the codes on the engines tally then yes it should.

How do you fit a rear reflector on a Peugeot 508?

how do I fit a new rear reflector on Peugeot 508

How do you fit Peugeot 206 headlights?

AnswerAustralian website offers quite a good guide:*Fixed broken link *-jester-*

Will Peugeot 306 gti engine fit a Peugeot 106?