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yes you can but you'll need to cut off the indicator locating bracket

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โˆ™ 2005-10-04 15:57:56
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Q: Can you fit a vectra headlights of the year 2000 in a vectra of the 97 the vectra of 2000 the indicators come together with the headlight but the vectra of 97 came separate please help?
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How do you insatall headlights on bronco ii?

Tske out the old ones by removing the screws. Unplug the headlight. Plug in the new headlight. Put it all back together.

How do you adjust the headlights on a '98 Ford Escort ZX2?

keep your car on accessory and turn the headlights on...perferably in front of a building to see which headlight is off center. what you wanna do is pop the hood and right behind the headlight is the bulb assembly...i think that's what it's called. keep moving the light until the light on the building/wall is a line together.

Both the headlights on your 2002 VW Jetta went out at the same time is this likely to be a fuse issue or could both headlights really die together?

This is most likely an electrical issue, and may have nothing to do with fuses. If the headlight switch has failed, both headlights will be inoperative. On many cars, there are separate fuses for right and left headlights, so both of them failing at the same time is unlikely. Your best bet would probably be to take the vehicle to an automotive electrical specialty shop, and have them check it out. They will usually be able to find the problem in a few minutes, so the service chrarge is not likely to be extreme. If the headlight switch has failed, be ready to shell out some cash to buy a new one, because it will have to come from the dealer, unless you want some kind of ghetto rig that could fry your whole wiring system.

How do you install front low beam headlights on a 2001 Chevy Malibu?

open the hood, look at the headlight. the are two black flat prongs on each headlight. pull them up(may need a flathead screwdriver to prie up) the headlight should pull/lift out. twist the low beam plug and pull out. pull the old bulb out and place the new one in. and then put back together.

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How do you replace headlights in 1986 C10 Silverado?

It should be fairly easy, from the front of the vehicle there should be some screws that hold in the plastic casing, I think they are the star wrench screws. You should be able to take off the plastic piece just around the headlight and blinker unless it is a dual headlight. Once the plastic piece is off the headlight has a thin metal rim around it that has scews in it as well. Remove those (careful that you are not turning the headlight adjusting screws) and the headlight should come out and then you just unplug it, plug the new one back in and put everything back together.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1995 Ford Probe GT?

I've alway replaced the headlight by just turning on the headlights so they will open up. Then remove the plastic shrourd from around the headlight by removing the Phillips screw on the side of the shroud that is towards the center of the hood and carefully prying the other side of the shroud loose from the headlight. Once the shroud is removed, you can remove the top 2 screws from the top of the headlight bulb retaining frame, bend the frame down, and pull the headlight out. Disconnect the headlight connector at the rear of the bulb, install the new bulb and put the part back together again. Make sure you remove the 2 screws from the crome retaining frame to access the headlight, do not remove the black screws behind the bulb. These are the adjusting screws that set your headlight alignment.

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What could cause both the starter and front headlights not to work on a 2001 Honda Shadow if the fuses are all good?

Starter and Headlight ProblemsThere are two parts to the ignition switch. First there is the mechanical part, under the steering wheel, and the electronic part under the dash, ontop of the columb. the part that would interest you would be the electronic ign. switch part. Which both the starter and headlights operate from. The headlight and starter are together in the right handlebar switch. when push starter button the headlight goes out to save batttery use. this switch is most likely broken inside

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Where is the dimmer switch on a 1971 Volkswagen Van?

Headlight dimming can be achieved by lifting the indicator switch gently up, if the headlights don't respond you have a problem. *WARNING do not take the switch apart, they are extremely hard to put back together, and are hard to find should you break it further*

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Do the headlight and high beam on a 1990 Chevy truck stay on together?

no it don't

How do you install halo projector headlights on a 98 eclipse gs?

splice together both stripped wires for headlights and run your projector lights to your fog lights or park lights

How do you replace a headlight bulb in a 95 Corsica?

Pop the hood, see the black covers that go across the front over the headlights and radiator? take off the part that covers the headlight, there should be 2 little screws that you can grab with your finger and twist. The cover will come up and there will be a socket you can remove can, remove the light socket. . Take those out and replace the light bulb. Put back together in reverse order.

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How can you fix the headlights on a 1973 Chevy Nova?

First test to make sure it's not the headlight it's self that is broken then check for an shortage or cut in wires if no you can cut wires strip the plastic outline that protects it and put the right colored wires back together if not take it to a mechanic and get new wires

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How do you remove the headlight lens of a 1997 dodge avenger?

After you take the headlight out, remove the metal clips holding the lens on. The lens has to be pried off because there is silicone there to keep it together