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As of 2013, it is not possible for a person to fly, even if they try really hard. They only way to feasibly fly is to ride in an airplane or helicopter.

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everyone wants to fly i want to fly it can be possible if you try and believe and feel relaxed think of your favourite thoughts you can try it can be possible BELIEVE! don't listen what anyone says we all can fly its just hard to follow but we will follow on how to fly for any powers you want believe and try

flap your arms really hard flap your arms really hard

fly away or bite really,really,really HARD!

Yes, if you try really hard.

Well it depends on how hard the rain is falling.If it is raining hard they can't fly if it is raing really really lightly they probly can but the reason why they can't is because if they get their wings wet it is heaver on their wings and they hard to go on the ground.

really really hard. My captain can kick on hard plastic and he doesn't feel a thing. Try beating that

You need to throw it really hard.

i really dont kown. try wikipedia

Well, you might be able to if you try really, really hard??

A try hard is someone who try's really hard to achieve something orspoils something when others are having fun. They try their hardest but most of the time they dont do well. Like CRAIG!

If you work and try really hard.... then yes!:-]

Try punching him really hard in the face. That 'ought to do it...

Yes If you try really hard

Try really hard and practice.

Really hard. Go on. I dare you to try it.

You must try really hard. You have to trade and stuff.

Try blowing into it really hard.

No, it's really fun, you should try it.

You never know until you try :) No actually it is very hard, but if you really want to you can do it :)

First bang your head against the wall really hard. Repeat.

They do, they really fly

Yes it has a lot of beaches the water is really cold but some of them are really good.In winter you can fly kites and it is really fun if you can try it!

Well, kind of but it is hard and it kind of hurts if you try really hard.

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