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casts couch costs beats busts beach broth beast boast Borat brush brats rusts crash boats coats toast coast touch

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Q: Can you form at least 30 different five letter words from the letters below you must use the letters in the order they are shown from left to right c t b o e r a u o s c t s h?
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What letter in the dictionary has the least words starting with it?

The letter x starts the fewest English words.

Three animals that begin with c and have at least 5 letters?

There are quite a few different animals that begin with c and have at least 5 letters. The cheetah is one of them.

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The least important question when reading a set of historical letters may be the physical appearance of the letter itself, such as the color of the paper or the style of handwriting.

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Three birds that start with the letter c and have at least 5 letters?

Canary, cockatoo, crane, cuckoo

What are letters that begin with q?

It is the least used letter and represents the greek "koppa"

Is checking and dinosaur the only eight letter words?

No. There are at least 29,302 words in the English language that have eight letters.

Animals and birds that begin with the letter c and have at least five letters?

Crane.. and canary, crocidile, cattle, chicken.

Which passwords parameter is correct?

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How many seven letter words can you make with the letters p q r s?

No word can be spelled using only the letters PQRS even if you use the letters multiple times. You need at least one vowel. For example, if you also use the letter a, the seven letter word sarsars (a cold, whistling wind) contains no letters other than R, S and A.

What are the unused letters of William Shakespeare?

Shakespeare's printers used all of the letters of the alphabet at some time or another, but the letter you see least often is the letter J. It is usually replaced by the letter I even in such names as Romeo and Iuliet, Iulius Caesar or King Iohn. But not always.