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yes as long as it fits in the freezer you can freeze the BBQ chicken

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Q: Can you freeze bbq chicken
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Can you freeze lil smokies in bbq sauce?

Yes, you can freeze lil smokies in BBQ sauce. I freeze lots of similar dishes.

Where does BBQ chicken come from?

from the bbq STUPID!

Which is healthier chicken with bbq sauce or pizza?

Boneless skinless chicken breast without the bbq sauce. Chicken is healthy but the bbq sauce is loaded with salt, sugar and corn syrup.

On a BBQ if you want the meat cooked well done shold you start on the lamb or the chicken first?

BBQ the chicken.

How long can you keep cooked BBQ chicken in the fridge?

You can keep BBQ chicken in the fridge for about 1-3 ddays

What is better bbq ribbs or bbq chicken?

They are both great foods.

What is BBQ chicken?

Barbecue chickon is hickory flavoured chicken.

What is joe's favorite pizza topping?

Barbacue Chicken!

How much fat in BBQ chicken?


Can you freeze BBQ pork after 5 days refrigerated air tight?

Yes, you can safely freeze BBQ pork after 5 days of being refrigerated in an air tight container.

What kind of chicken are you?

I am a very spicy BBQ....HEY! I am SO not a Chicken! Meanie!

Is it okay to feed bbq chicken to dogs?

Not the bones.