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My Grandmother served us grandkids frozen pieces of watermelon, canteloupe and grapes...we loved it. Never had it frozen any way except in chunks, with no rinds.

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Q: Can you freeze cantalope?
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Is cantalope a fruit?


Can you freeze cantaloupe and pineapple?

I freeze cantalope all the time. It is a terrific summer snack. Eaten slightly frozen, it is cool and refreshing. I believe the same is true for pineapple. Some say that it is necessary to freeze in a sugar water solution though if you want to keep the fruit frozen more than a month.

Do cantaloupes eat peas?

Since cantalope is a plant, it eats nothing. Cantalope VINES may cover pea vines, and shade them out.

Is cantalope okay for dogs?

yes its not the best but yeah

Can guinea pigs eat cantalope?

yes a little.

What are your favorite fruits?

any kind but mostly watermelon and cantalope

Is cantalope fattening?

Depends on how many you eat per hour.

What are some fruit that start with c?

cranberrys cantalope coconut

What sort of food do Indians eat?

Ecuadorian peruvian amazonien cantalope.

What is a cantalope?

K is outta his mind,,,and Michelle and Chelsea are mentally challenged!!!!

Fruits that starts with letter c?

Clementine Cranberry Cherry Cantalope Coconut

What zoo animals eat cantaloupe?

Get some cantalope, go to the zoo, and experiment..

How many seeds does an cantaloupe have?

In a 3 lb. cantalope I came up with 484 ,,

What are some organisms adapted to life on the ice?

Polar Bears , oxen , reindeer, cantalope

What is the size of the uterus at 17 weeks?

at 17 weeks pregnant the uterus is about the size of a cantalope.

What color is cantalope?

like a peachy to an orange. tan to brown on the outside and some green

What are native foods in South Carolina?

tobacco Corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, peaches, cantalope.

Can you feed your horse cantaloupe?

Yes! My first horse loved cantalope. He was only fed the flesh, not the rind.

Can dogs have cantelope?

Yes. Dogs can have cantalope, but they cannot have grapes, raisens, onions or chocolate, and some other things.

What to serve with small croissants with chicken salad?

fresh fruit. IE: Honeydew, cantalope, pineapple, or a combination of fresh fruits.

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What is cantalope good for?

Cantalope is a melon. A very popular one. It is an addition to many fruit salads in restaurants and a welcome treat when wrapped with proscuito ham. It is sweet and has a slightly musky flavor. It is also called musk melon in many parts of the world. Easy to grow in colder climates it rivals watermelon in flavor and texture.

What is the future tense of freeze?

will freeze, shall freeze, going to freeze

What are the most popular fruits?

banana apple pear watermelon cantalope strawberry blueberry pineapple grape mango orange kiwi

What fruit do Americans eat?